Frequently Asked Questions

Q. You probably have spent many hours building your web site. But do HR Professionals know about your web site? Your web site is one of millions. Are links to your web site included in web search engines? What can you do to bring more visitors to your web site?
A. Advertise with Banners. These ads are displayed in prominent places, may contain visual images, and provide a large space by which users can select to visit your web site.

Q. What is a banner ad?
A. A banner ad is an ad of no more 468 pixels by 60 pixels (6.97 inches by 0.833 inches, 17.7 cm by 2.12 cm) usually including a tag line and your company or organization's logo. The ad will appear at the top of a user's web browser window, the purpose of the ad is to encourage a viewer to seek more information about products and services you offer.

Q. Why advertise on the Internet?
A. There are lots of great reasons! The Internet (and especially the Web) is the fastest growing advertising segment in the world. That's because Web advertising offers advantages that can't be matched by conventional methods such as television, radio, or print. Advantages like high market segmentation, more accurate statistics, and lower cost. And the biggest advantage is that your ad is actually seen by a person. You can't get that guarantee with the old conventional methods.

Q. Why advertise at HR-Guide?
A. HR-Guide provides a quality content environment targeted toward Human Resources Professionals. We offer you the opportunity to target messages to a certain group of professionals through category-specific web pages.

Q. Who visits the HR-Guide site?
A. Like other major Web sites, HR-Guide gets an enormous amount of Web traffic - but our Web traffic is highly targeted. Our Web site attracts clearly defined groups of people. The large majority of our users are running either Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT and are interested in the latest and most up to date links to sources of HR information on the Internet.

Q. What do terms like "impressions," "hits," and "click-throughs" mean?
A. Some of the terms used in Internet advertising are rather confusing. Here are a few of the important ones:

  1. Impressions--the number of times a visitor sees a page (and an advertisement) on the Web site.
  2. Hits--the number of times our web server is accessed. 'Hits' refer to a completely technical term and is virtually meaningless to advertisers, since each page, graphic, or page element count as a "hit" on the website.
  3. Click-through--occurs when a visitor clicks on an advertisement, thereby linking the visitor to the advertiser's Web site. The Click-through ratio is calculated by dividing the number of click-thru's by the number of impressions. The quality and content of an ad greatly affects this ratio.
  4. Rotating Ads--a different advertisement displayed each time a page is accessed by a visitor. The selection of ads is determined by computer software

Q. How much traffic does HR-Guide receive?
A. Many sites quote their traffic numbers in terms of hits. But, as was explained above, hits are not a very meaningful measure for advertisers. However, for those who are interested, HR-Guide receives over 15,000 hits per day. A more meaningful measure of traffic is impressions, and HR-Guide receives an average of 100,000 page impressions per month.

Q. What if I don't have a banner ad?
A. At HR-Guide, we can make simple text based banner ads for you (for a small charge: $90). It is very simple. You, or we, can open up a graphics program, such as MS Paint. Create an image of 468 by 60 pixels. Insert the appropriate text and/or images. Save in the proper image format for fast access through the Internet. Send it to HR-Guide. At HR-Guide, we'll doublecheck your banner ad, create the URL links, and you are set to go.

Q. How do I request a banner ad?
A. Please enter your information on the Ad Request Form.

Q. Can I see a few sample banner ads?
A. Sure, just click here.