Instructional Design

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1. Steps
2. Techniques
3. Checklist for evaluating a test.

Principle of Training
It is important to identify training needs before trying to implement any training solutions.

The identification of training needs is the first step in a uniform method of instructional design. 1. Steps

  • Training Needs Analysis. The purpose of this phase is to identify priority needs for one or more members of the workforce, and to determine training/learning objectives to meet these needs. The needs are stated as accurately and as realistically as possible in terms of performance requirements.
  • Designing Learning Training Product. The purpose of this phase is to select and develop learning activities and necessary materials to achieve the performance level specified in the preceding phase.
  • Pilot Testing the Learning/Training Product. The purpose of this phase is to pilot test the content and methodology of the design. Any changes required may be made to ensure that training will be both effective and efficient in meeting the learning/training objective.
  • Implementing Training. The purpose of this phase is to provide the training defined, developed and pilot tested as it is required.
  • Evaluating Learning/Training. The purpose of this phase is to determine whether the learning activities as defined and developed, meets the needs of the individual /organization effectively. This is done by evaluating the results of training in terms of work performance and payoffs.

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