Job Evaluation: Ranking

This method is one of the simplest to administer. Jobs are compared to each other based on the overall worth of the job to the organization. The 'worth' of a job is usually based on judgements of skill, effort (physical and mental), responsibility (supervisory and fiscal), and working conditions.

  • Simple.
  • Very effective when there are relatively few jobs to be evaluated (less than 30).
  • Difficult to administer as the number of jobs increases.
  • Rank judgements are subjective.
  • Since there is no standard used for comparison, new jobs would have to be compared with the existing jobs to determine its appropriate rank. In essence, the ranking process would have to be repeated each time a new job is added to the organization.

Ranking Methods

  1. Ordering Simply place job titles on 3x5 inch index cards then order the titles by relative importance to the organization.
  2. Weighting
  3. Paired Comparison


After ranking, the jobs should be grouped to determine the appropriate salary levels.


Interactive Ranking Program (
Free web-based job evaluation ranking software.