Sample Telework Policy


 "Home based site" means a private dwelling agreed between the University and the relevant Union.

 "Home based employee" means an employee at the home based site.

 "Home based work" means regular performance of ordinary hours of duty at the home based site.

 "Office based site" means the location where the employee would ordinarily work if there were no home based work arrangement.

(a) a home based employee will carry out such duties as are within the limits of the employee's skill, competence and training and are consistent with the HEGSS classification structure and job description; and

(b) an employee working at the home based site will be expected to undertake appropriate work-related training, occupational health and safety training, and staff development:

(i)such training may include changes to work design, work organisation and technical developments in his/her field of employment; and  

(ii)such training should occur in work time, at either the office based site or in a recognised training centre.

2. Initiation of and Approval for Home Based Work

A home based working arrangement will only be entered into on a voluntary basis which may be initiated by the employee. An employee may only initiate a proposal for home based work in respect of:

(i) Each application for a home based work arrangement is to be considered on a case by case basis.

(ii) The University shall provide the unions with a quarterly report of home based work arrangements.

(iii) The parties acknowledge that a home based work arrangement will generally not be appropriate when an employee is on a return to work program, particularly a graduated return to work program following an injury as a result of work. Should it be considered appropriate to initiate a home based work arrangement in these circumstances the University and employee must consult the employee's approved rehabilitation provider prior to commencing such an arrangement.

(iv) A home based work arrangement is not a substitute for dependant care.

3.Requirements for Approval

(i) Before approval can be given for a home based work arrangement to commence, the University and the employee must agree to the following matters:  

(ii) All matters listed in subclause 3(i) above and the matters listed hereunder shall be recorded:  

  • The employee's name.  
  • The employee's position indicating whether it is the employee's substantive position.
  • The name and position of the employee's supervisor.
  • The employee's division/branch/department/area/centre.
  • Agreed security measures and Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
  • (iii) The record of home-based work arrangements agreed to or as re-negotiated must be signed by a University representative and the employee and placed on the employee's personal file in Human Resources. Copies must be given to the employee and his/her supervisor. A copy of the agreement shall be provided to the relevant Union, upon request.

    (iv) After approval of a home based work arrangement and prior to the arrangement commencing, the University will provide the relevant Union with respect to the relevant work area details of the numbers and classifications of staff who will be working from home.

    4. Job Characteristics Not Considered Appropriate for Home Based Work

    (i) Employees performing the duties of a position where the position could be described as having at least one of the following characteristics will not be considered for home based work:

    5. Terms and Conditions

    (i) Terms and conditions contained in this clause will apply to an employee who is approved to perform his/her ordinary hours of duties or part thereof at a home based site. 

    (ii) Provisions contained in this Agreement will apply to the home based employee, provided that the employee's office based site will be deemed to be his/her headquarters. 

    6. Access Arrangements 

    (i) The parties acknowledge that management or management representatives will from time to time need to obtain access to a home based site and that the relevant Union may also wish to visit a member while he or she is working from a home based site. The parties also acknowledge that only management will require urgent access which will only be granted under terms of this clause.  

    (ii) The parties also acknowledge that the consent of the home based employee is required before access can be obtained to a home based work site.

     (iii) Unless urgent access is required to a home based work site, or the home based work employee agrees otherwise, on a case by case basis, a home based work employee must be given at least two clear days' notice of any persons' intention to physically enter to the home based work site. Neither management nor Unions will apply pressure to reduce this notice period.

     (iv) The purposes for which management may require urgent access to a home based work site are:

    (v) The purposes for which non-urgent access may be sought include but are not limited to:

    7. Termination and Renegotiation

    (i) In the event of renegotiation as a result of the commencement of a return to work program the employee's approved rehabilitation provider must be consulted.

    (ii) A home based working arrangement may be:

    8. Review of Home Based Work Arrangements

    (i) A joint review shall be commenced by the parties three (3) months prior to expiration of this Agreement.

    (ii) The review will be based on survey data obtained from participating employees and organisational units.

    (iii) All information relevant to the review will be provided to the Unions prior to the conduct of the review.

    (iv) The terms of reference of the joint review will include appropriate terms to evaluate:

    (v) The parties agree to consider other characteristics beyond those set out in subclause 4 which may be inappropriate for home based work, specifically arrangements that could involve continuous and repetitive keyboarding.


    Sample Telework Policy

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