Statistical Analysis Consultants/Software

Statistical Analysis Consultants

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At Elite Research, our statistical consultants strive not only to present you with accurate results through our data analysis services but also to ensure that you understand the analytic techniques utilized to obtain your results. Therefore, we always offer an explanation and summary of your research findings in plain, everyday language.

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I specialize in helping graduate students and researchers in psychology, education, economics and the social sciences with all aspects of statistical analysis. Many new and relatively uncommon statistical techniques are available, and these may widen the field of hypotheses you can investigate. Graphical techniques are often misapplied, but, done correctly, they can summarize a great deal of information in a single figure. I can help with writing papers, writing grant applications, and doing analysis for grants and research.

Statistical Analysis and Measurement Consultants, Inc. (
We can guide you through the process of developing a survey or test. This can be a lengthy multi-stage process. This may include developing a table of specifications (a.k.a., test blueprint), writing items, factor analyzing the items, and assessing the psychometric properties (reliability, etc.) of the measure.

Statistical Analysis Software

Disparate Impact Analysis (
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IBM SPSS software (
The IBM SPSS® software platform offers advanced statistical analysis, a vast library of machine-learning algorithms, text analysis, open-source extensibility, integration with big data and seamless deployment into applications. Its ease of use, flexibility and scalability make IBM SPSS accessible to users with all skill levels and outfits projects of all sizes and complexity to help you and your organization find new opportunities, improve efficiency and minimize risk.

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Find the best Statistical Analysis Software for your business. Compare product reviews and features to build your list.

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With JMP®, you can solve problems, reveal opportunities and inform decisions with a rich set of comprehensive capabilities for statistical analysis. Free Trial Download. For Mac and Windows.

Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) (
State-of-the-art statistical analysis software for making sound decisions.

Stata (
Stata is the solution for your data science needs. Obtain and manipulate data. Explore. Visualize. Model. Make inferences. Collect your results into reproducible reports.


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