Sexual Harassment: Guidelines For A Sexual Harassment Policy


  1. Appreciate that you and your company can be held liable if your employees engage in sexual harassment
  2. Know that any unwelcome sexual activity tied to employment decisions or benefits is sexual harassment
  3. Recognize that sexual harassment may include jokes, vulgar language, sexual innuendoes, pornographic pictures, sexual gestures, physical grabbing or pinching, and other unwelcome or offensive physical touching or contact
  4. Remember that every sexual harassment charge is extremely serious
  5. Comprehend that employees who comply with unwelcome sexual advances can still be victims of sexual harassment
  6. Realize that men as well as woman may be sexually harassed
  7. Understand that employees may wait a while before lodging sexual harassment charges


  1. Issue a strong policy from the CEO against sexual harassment
  2. Provide a clear definition of sexual harassment using examples of inappropriate behavior
  3. Review the policy with your employees on a regular basis
  4. Discuss the policy with all new employees
  5. Ensure that third-party suppliers and customers are aware of your sexual harassment policy


  1. Appoint a senior corporate official to oversee the implementation of the policy
  2. Train your supervisors and managers to recognize and prevent sexual harassment
  3. Outline procedures to use in reporting sexual harassment
  4. Designate a personnel officer or other appropriate manager, rather than a direct supervisor, to receive sexual harassment complaints
  5. Provide alternative routes for filing complaints
  6. Keep all sexual harassment charges confidential


  1. Make sure employees who bring charges do not face retaliation
  2. Safeguard the rights of the accused
  3. Investigate all sexual harassment charges quickly and thoroughly
  4. Maintain accurate records of the investigation and the findings
  5. Take immediate action when sexual harassment is discovered or suspected
  6. Discipline appropriately any employee found to have engaged in sexual harassment
  7. Safeguard your employees from third-party work-related sexual harassment