Hiring and Employee Selection

Pre-Hire Assessments

AAIM Employers' Association (
AAIM provides a suite of assessments to help companies screen applicants for critical job-related skills, competencies, and cultural fit, as well as work ethic, reliability, integrity, and risk of substance abuse and theft. Our pre-employment assessments help organizations save time and cost in the selection process and can ultimately help prevent poor hiring decisions and increased turnover.

Adaface (
Adaface provides 700+ pre-employment tests on more than 30+ programming languages to screen candidates for Software Engineering roles, Business roles, Managerial positions, etc.

ApplicantPro (
Screen for Sharks in your Applicant Pool. Compare your applicants on Integrity, Reliability, Work Ethic, and Substance Abuse. We can even compare your applicants against your Top Performers for each position in your company to increase the quality of your new hires.

AssessPeople Ltd (
AssessPeople Ltd. is a workforce assessment company, based at Chennai, India, and having wings at all metros across country. They are a pioneer in India to use internet as a platform to design, administer, and provide the results to organizations.

Berke Assessment (
Berke is a new kind of assessment that measures talent, personality, and intelligence. We assess the fit between your jobs and your candidates and then provide you with crystal clear, actionable information. - Pre-Employment & Clerical Testing, Typing Keypad (
We are a testing and pre-testing site for employers, recruiters and job seekers. Take various typing tests, office skills tests, numeric key pad tests and data entry tests. All come with Printable certificates verifying your skills and a way to email results to potential employers. Employers can re-test applicants using our VCS technology.

Birkman International, Inc. (
provider of the industry-leading personality assessment that facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career and talent management and interpersonal conflict resolution. For over 50 years, corporate human resources professionals, independent consultants, executive coaches, educational institutions and other not-for-profit organizations have used The Birkman Method® with over 2.5 million individuals. The Birkman Method® personality test accurately measures productive behaviors, stress behaviors, underlying needs, motivations and organizational orientation.

Candidate Resources Inc. (
Pre-employment assessments, recruiting and performance development, so your hiring managers make the right moves in the employee selection process.

Improve hiring outcomes and achieve business objectives by identifying and selecting the best-quality candidates using proven tools, assessments and tailored services.

Central Test (
Our consultants help thousands of organizations worldwide make evaluations using scientifically validated psychometric tests. Use our personality and aptitude tests to objectively assess applicants and employees. Discover our personality test, Professional Profile.

Chart Your Course International (
Chart Your Course International provides a personalized approach to help you attract, hire and retain top talent. We provide a portfolio of solutions with our innovative assessments, consulting, recruiting and training programs. We provide organizations the ability to select, manage, and develop the best workforce available.

ComPAS Now online competency assessment tool (
ComPAS Now is the only competency based online assessment tool using NLP. We measure 200+ competencies which are required for different job performance. The test can support ISCO(international standard classification of occupation) and NOS (national occupational standard)

Culver Careers (
Culver Careers is an award-winning sales recruiting firm. We also specialize in IT, manufacturing, and marketing recruitment. Our online recruiting platform is designed to provide businesses and organizations with top performing professionals. We pride ourselves in being a recruitment agency with strong integrity and the ability to empower our clients and job candidates.

The Devine Group (
The Devine Group's pre-employment assessments have been used by thousands of organizations worldwide. Our hiring tools have a proven track record of helping companies accurately predict job applicants who will be successful in specific roles by analyzing behavioral tendencies and competencies that would not otherwise be evident in a job interview alone. In turn, this allows your organization to reduce hiring expenses and prevent longer than necessary gaps while filling positions.

Employment Technologies (
Employment Technologies creates immersive and engaging job simulations that provide proven hiring, onboarding, and development results for organizations that care about their people. In addition to pre-employment tests, we also offer virtual interviews and job previews. We deliver these tools with a superior level of customer service to support our clients current and ongoing growth goals.

Hollweg Assessment Partners (
Hollweg Assessment Partners our leadership team has over 20 years of experience in assessing talent at all levels in an organization. Hollweg Assessment Partners' suite of solutions includes targeted assessments to help identify the best fit talent across different levels and positions. Each assessment is designed to measure the varying competencies and traits that are necessary for success from hourly to executive level positions.

HR Anexi Pvt Ltd (
HR Anexi provides HR Consulting, Training & Development, Assessments for Selection and Leadership Development and HR Outsourcing in India. We provide online psychometric assessments anywhere in the world using advanced assessment tools.

HR Avatar Whole-Person Assessment (
Whole-person testing for hundreds of jobs. Over 200 tests, each uses simulations of job-related tasks to measure cognitive (intelligence), personality, emotional intelligence, skills, behavior, writing (if important to job). Detailed report includes interview questions, too.

We are a German consulting firm based on empirical psychology, that develops and conducts management work samples and advanced assessment techniques, to help companies to select employees and executives, identify talent and develop leaders. Our specialities are individual executive assessments, custom-tailored to the specific requirements of a position. We are used to work international.

Mentis Global (
Mentis specialises in world-class assessment, training, coaching and development programs - offering targeted solutions to meet your needs. Our services cover all organisational levels, from designing and delivering graduate development to coaching and advising at CEO and Board level.

Neuroworx (
Our platform helps you identify, attract and hire talent in a way your competitors cant. We use behavioural science, augmented intelligence & talent assessments to help companies build the workforce of the future. ( offers a large variety of psychometric tests. Our tests are designed to help you find serious answers to your questions about IQ, personality, or career assessment. Tests published on are not "marketing tools" used to sell you various products and services, or to obtain personal information or email addresses from you.

Pairin - Predictable Placement (
Pairin is an Human Resource solutions company that aims to pair the right people to the right jobs with predictable results.

Performance Programs, Inc. (
Organizations and human resource consultants use our assessments to select, train and promote employees. They also use our standard and custom employee surveys, along with our extensive norm database, to understand employee engagement, commitment and morale. We are experts in questionnaire and report design, survey administration, report preparation and interpretation. Since 1987, we've worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide to achieve reliable, valid, actionable survey results. We are authorized distributors and certification training providers for Hogan Assessment Systems, as well as Clark Wilson Group 360 Feedback.

The Plotkin Group (
With over 30 years of experience, The Plotkin Group offers employee tests and assessments for cost-effective hiring, promoting, and training decisions.

Prevue Assessments (
The Prevue Assessments are the cornerstone of Prevue HR Systems and are now available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Russian and German. They were designed and developed in the early 1990s under the direction of Prof. David Bartram and Dr. Patricia Lindley. Bartram and Lindley are world leaders in the development of psychometric testing. Psychometrics is the branch of psychology concerned with the design, administration and interpretation of quantitative tests or assessments to measure variables such as intelligence, aptitude and personality traits.

Profiles International (
Profiles International is the world leader in selecting and developing high-performance workforces through innovative human resource management solutions and a comprehensive suite of employment assessments that help companies gain a competitive advantage by selecting, hiring, retaining and developing great talent. Continually validating and updating its assessment products, Profiles serves many of the largest companies in 118 countries around the globe.

PSI Talent Measurement (
PSI offers a comprehensive solutions approach from test development to delivery to results processing, including pre-hire employment selection, managerial assessments, licensing and certification tests, distance learning testing, license management services and professional services.

Q-Assessments (
Q-Assessments is a one stop shop for HR! We offer independent, objective, transparent advice on and intermediation of HR instruments.

The Rainmaker Group (
The Rainmaker Group offers powerful assessment tools for use in the employee selection and hiring process. These tools can dramatically increase the chances of a successful hire and employee retention while driving turnover rates down. Check us out, we're here to help!

Resolution Systems, Inc. (
Provides sales assessments, sales recruiting, sales and sales management training. Sign up to join the monthly teleseminar.

Rogers Group Pre-employment Testing (
At The Rogers Group we know the right questions to ask you well before you get to the hiring stage, to save you time and money. Together we structure a selection approach to maximise your success rate and reduce the risk of costly mistakes.
Defining the process and structure is one of our specialties where many of our clients have struggled in the past. We work with you to understand the unique characteristics, traits, competencies and behavioural benchmarks that your position requires. We then help you select the right type of psychometric testing to clearly identify the one candidate most likely to succeed in your organisation above all others.

Select International (
Founded nearly two decades ago, Select International specializes in assessments. Millions of people in over 80 countries have been assessed using our automated tests, inventories and job related simulations. Recognized for innovation in testing technology, Select International provides one of the most complete and well researched libraries of testing content for all organizational levels.

SkillSurvey Pre-Hire360® (
Using our software, Pre-Hire360®, recruiters and hiring managers get a "360° view" of a candidate's potential for success in a particular position. That's because our technology leverages scientifically-validated behavioral assessments in the reference-checking process, surveys that references complete on a candidate's behaviors, skills and developmental needs. References are a candidate's managers, peers, business partners and clients.

SRS Group (
Psychometric testing provided by Strategic Resource Solutions Ltd (SRS). As a UK based leader in the field of psychometric testing and strategic human resource management, SRS Management provides a reliable and valid assessment of the most complex resource your organization has: its human resources.

Talent Click Performance Assessments (
Understand People. Reduce Risk. Talent Click's Workstyle & Performance Profile Behavioral Assessment helps predict on-the-job performance for potential candidates allowing you to make stronger hiring decisions and reduce risk.

Talent Insights (
Our ground-breaking assessments and personal consultations help companies hire the right candidates, manage well and build effective teams.

Teamglide Pre-Employment Testing (
Teamglide is an employee performance and recruitment platform. Where you can expand and develop your workforce. Teamglide works to:
Increase the performance of teams and employees
Recruit potential prospects
Help individual's find your job openings

TeleSoft Systems (
SPAS - Service Personnel Appraisal Software - is CD-Rom based Call Center Agent Pre-Employment Screening Software, which is Easy-to-Deploy, Very Cost-Effective and Highly-Predictive of an Individual's Suitability for a particular Call Center Agent Position. Free Trail Available. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Winslow Employee Development Program (
Internet-based system to enhance the performance of all your current employees. The Winslow Profile measures the personality, behavior and attitudes of your employees. The Winslow Reports provide feedback on the employee's behavior compared to the behavioral requirements for their specific position.


AAIM Employers' Association (
We believe an organization's greatest competitive advantage is its workforce. With 1,600 client companies, representing 300,000 employees, finding top talent is one of our inherent strengths. Our extensive nationwide network directly translates to superior talent acquisition and confidential search capability.
AAIM provides several types of comprehensive talent acquisition services and support with affordable and performance-based options. We engage industry experts, premium recruiting and tracking resources, and provide flexible, customized service offerings.

Adriyana Solutions - Placement Consultants Delhi Gurgaon Noida | Recruitment Agency Delhi (
Adriyana Solutions Pvt. Ltd is among the leading Placement Consultant in New Delhi India. Placement Consultant specialize in Executive Search, Temporary Staffing, Bulk Staffing, Corporate Training, Hr Outsourcing, Payroll Accounting, services rendered in New Delhi majorly. Placement Consultant specialization is in understanding company recruitment needs.

Ajeets Management & Manpower Consultancy (
AJEETS an Overseas manpower job consultancy in India is a rapid paced and fast growing organization rendering services in the fields of Human Resources and Marketing. We are dedicated to deliver our services to our clients within the set time frame and refer them a best suitable candidate as per their job profile.

Alliance International (
Alliance International is one of the leading manpower recruitment agencies in India, very well known for developing excellent and custom recruitment solutions. Our manpower agency ultimate vision of providing companies with the most reliable recruitment services, which gives us a point of contact in both companies and candidates and help our clients by maximizing their growth opportunities.

Alliance Recruitment Agency (
Want to hire the best manpower Canada? We're the best manpower recruitment agency in Canada providing manpower staffing services. Contact us for manpower near you now!

Beacon Group (
Beacon Legal can assist your organization by minimizing the time needed for a significant part of the hiring process, which has a real and economic value to your practice. Our Consultants work with you to gather an overall picture of your company and department. We meet with managers and through these discussions, we amass technical and cultural information to assure the development of a suitable recruiting strategy and procurement of the most appropriate candidates. We conduct a search for top achievers that may be open to new opportunities, who are not typically answering want ads.

blueStone Staffing Solutions (
A supplier of IT recruiting services, blueStone is North America's premier IT and Technology recruiting firm in assisting mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients. We find talented candidates that can fully realize their career ambitions. Our objective is to be the recruiter of choice for of your IT recruiting needs.

BNA Staffing: NYC Staffing Agency, IT Recruiters, Office Support Jobs (
NYC staffing agency: BNA is a trusted general staffing, recruiting company, we stop at nothing to place great people into temporary and permanent jobs.

BTHR Solutions (
We provide staffing services nationwide for both contract and permanent Human Resource and Employee Benefits professionals and offer comprehensive employee communication services.

Bulgaria Recruiting ( is a Bulgaria-based headhunter boutique with a focus on recruiting multi-language staff for top and middle-management positions. We are well connected in particular within the German business sphere.

Business System Technologies (
Our competency is Talent Acquisition, Contract Staffing and Executive Search. Our recruiters rigorously seek candidates matching our client's requirements. From confidential executive search to recruiters of key staff, we accept our client's demand to find and attract talent as our mission. We are expert recruiters within a proven and ethical headhunter firm established in 1991 with a reputation based upon recurring success and relationships with impressive candidates and clients. A headhunter firm that aligns with our client's goals along with recruiters who rigorously achieve goals. Customer driven, expert recruiters, we seek to be your headhunter of choice.

C Suite Assistants (
Find Your Next Executive Assistant by working with the nations best executive assistants and support staff with our time-tested staffing solutions.

DataMasters (
DataMasters is a professional services firm specializing in the recruitment of top level talent for our clients and customers. Our niche typically lies within the expertise of Information Technology professionals.

EdgeLink - Technology Recruiting and Staffing (
EdgeLink is a boutique Technical Recruiting Staffing firm based in Portland, Oregon (OR), and Denver, Colorado (CO). We deliver exceptional technical talent and high-quality recruiting services enabling organizations to effectively respond to changes in workforce demands. EdgeLink's reputation is built on our ability to cultivate trusted, long-lasting relationships built on honesty, communication and accountability. We take the time upfront to get to know each company and candidate and look beyond job requirements and skill sets to ensure the right fit. EdgeLink recruits the industry's best mid- to executive-level technology professionals on a contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire basis.

The EMAC Group (
The mission of The EMAC Group is to solve your staffing problems by serving as a cost-efficient human resource alternative. The EMAC Group provides custom options, from name generation of qualified candidates to a full spectrum of recruiting services, enabling our client's access to top industry performers, your Ideal Candidate. Our Search Consultants have unparalleled experience and understanding of the elements of recruiting and successfully hiring the Top Industry Performers. Complementing this unmatched service is The EMAC Group's reputation for entering into relationships with our clients. In addition to providing excellent customer service and superior recruiting support, we leverage our expertise and business experience in helping career seekers and clients by building an effective partnership.

Employment Atlanta - Recruiter (
Employment agency and recruiter for accounting and finance professionals in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Entire Software (
EntireHR is a cloud based all-in-one recruitment software for Australian staffing and recruiting agencies. EntireHR is a customisable PAAS software that is an out of the box end-to-end system for the Recruitment, Staffing and Labour Hire industry that includes mobile apps for all user types. It handles all the main components of Applications, Recruitment, Onboarding, Scheduling, CRM, Payroll, Invoicing and Capturing Availability & Timesheets with the mobile apps. EntireHR currently helps thousands of qualified people across Australia find rewarding work in the fastest, smoothest possible way.

ESP - IT Consulting and Staffing Services Firm (
Minnesota-based IT staffing & recruitment firm offering services in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

ESPO Corporation (
ESPO specializes in Engineering and IT staff augmentation services. ESPO also provide in-house CAD services and outsourced IT security services to clients.

F&H Solutions Group (
Given our extensive in-house capabilities and professional affiliations, F&H Solutions Group can assist companies in their recruiting and executive/management searches in all areas, including Executive and General Management, Human Resources, Engineering, Information Technology, Accounting, Safety, Legal, Sales and Marketing, Communications, Benefits, Compensation, and Labor Relations.

Field Engineer ( is an online global platform that solves the challenge of finding the right field engineers by connecting them with the right service providers. Its a global pool of skilled field engineers who are vetted and available on-demand. More than 15,000+ skilled field engineers in 146 countries are on the platform, and more than 5,000 jobs have been completed to date.

First Advantage (
Comprehensive suite of talent acquisition solutions specifically designed to help reduce the time and cost associated with recruiting, applicant tracking, candidate screening and ongoing retention processes.

Greys Recruitment (
The leading staffing and recruitment agency in South Africa. Greys Recruitment is the preferred staffing supplier of blue-chip corporates globally, specializing in white-collar permanent and temporary recruitment.

The HT Group (
The HT Group is a Texas staffing and recruiting agency that matches top talent with businesses.

IT Staffing & Recruiting (
Nationwide IT staffing and recruiting agency provides contract, contract-to-hire and permanent placement staffing services.

The Jacobson Group (
The Jacobson Group has been connecting organizations with insurance professionals with both permanent and temporary positions for over 40 years. Our executive search recruiters are successful because of our knowledge of the industry.

JWT INSIDE is a global, full-service employment advertising, communications and consulting firm with over 50 years of experience in helping employers, large and small, advance employee engagement.

KAS Executive Sales Recruiters and Marketing Headhunters (
KAS is an executive level sales and marketing staffing agency based in New York City with secondary locations in Chicago and Los Angeles. KAS deals with both retained and contingency contracts throughout the United States. Ken Sundheim, President also gives entrepreneurship and job hunting lessons at various universities as well as has been published on the topic numerous times. Above site contains over 115 business related articles, direct url:

MAS Recruiting (
MAS Recruiting is a retained search firm that specializes in retained search, executive search, and contract recruiting.

One Source Managed Solutions, Contract Recruiting (
Boutique Contract Recruitment / Search firm. Our main office is located in central New Jersey and our service area spans nationwide. Our scope of services include, but are not limited to; Contract Recruitment, Human Resource Consulting, Contingency and Executive Search.

On-Ramps (
On-Ramps is a recruiting and consulting firm specializing in workplace innovation. We help companies increase profits by using flexibility as a key component of recruiting and retention efforts. Providing access to an underutilized pool of highly skilled professionals, we place candidates in full-time, part-time and project-based assignments.

PeopleScout (
PeopleScout is the world's largest RPO provider managing talent solutions that span the global economy, with end-to-end MSP capabilities supporting total workforce needs. We manage the most complex talent programs through a seamless balance of superior technology and proven expertise that provides our clients the edge in the people business.

Pervenio Search & Consultants (
Established in 1999, Pervenio Search & Consultants provides ROI centric executive search and placement solutions to small businesses across the U.S. and Canada for a wide range of industries including automotive OEM, construction, consumer products, IT, logistics & supply chain, printing, publishing & packaging and industrial automation.

Pharma-Cruiting Executive Recruitment of the Elite (
Pharma-Cruiting is a dynamic boutique executive recruitment firm specializing in the recruitment of mid and senior-level executives through C-Suite positions (e.g., CEO, CFO) within the Life Sciences industries. We provide recruitment expertise in the most sought after areas, including (but not limited to) Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Health, Genetics and Genomics throughout the United States and internationally. With over 15 years of industry experience, Pharma-Cruiting has achieved the level of expertise and experience necessary to successfully place elite executive talent giving companies a competitive edge and helping world-class professionals accomplish their dreams.

ProActivate (
ProActivate partners globally with forward thinking leaders of organizations to achieve their revenue goals. We provide the top-shelf sales talent you need to amplify your message, leverage your position, and expand your base.

Profiles International (
Profiles International is a leading provider of employment assessment and human resource management solutions that help organizations worldwide select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential.

Quarsh - Recruitment Process Outsourcing (
Quarsh provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Talent Solutions to a wide range of fast growing SMEs and established businesses in the UK.

Sales Expert Executive Recruiters (
As the name suggests, we are the experts of sales recruitment. And if you are an organization searching for top sales talent, you couldn't have been in a better place than this! We work on a national level, specializing only in sales positions. Therefore, we are highly focused in providing you with the best of the best opportunities.

Sales Recruiters Network (
Professional Sales Recruitment Nationwide ( is the largest free online directory of recruiters and search firms. It's designed to connect search firms and staffing companies with corporate recruiters.'s comprehensive recruiter directory enables corporate recruiters to identify the best match for their company's needs.

Search Party (
Since our launch in October 2014, Search Party has helped define a new way of recruiting across Australia, the UK and Canada. Our recruitment marketplace has over 15 million agency-represented professional candidate CVs empowering businesses to hire new employees faster and at substantially less cost than traditional methods. We also support recruiters in growing their businesses by giving them access to new customers at no cost, letting them utilise their entire database of candidates.
Founded in Sydney, with offices in London and Toronto, Search Party also owns Job Advisor, the Australian employer review site empowering SMBs to grow their employer brand while helping job seekers find companies with the perfect cultural fit.

Spherion Recruiting & Staffing Solutions (
Committed to delivering recruiting and staffing excellence, we provide integrated solutions that meet your evolving needs and priorities. At Spherion®, we partner with you to deliver customized and measurable results by efficiently planning, acquiring and optimizing talent.

Staffing Kansas City - contract to hire agency and employment services (
Staffing KC is a staffing agency offering employment services in Johnson County. We provide qualified, pre-screened candidates for short-term and long-term staffing in secretarial, clerical, sales, accounting and customer service positions as well as on-site mailroom, document center and call center management to companies in KC.
For job seekers looking for temporary, direct-hire, or contract-to-hire positions, we have various positions including secretarial, clerical, sales and engineering jobs. Visit our site to learn more about Staffing Kansas City recruitment agency.

Talent Connections (
Talent Connections, LLC is a professional services firm that specializes in recruiting-including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), contract recruiting, executive search, and HR consulting. Making the connections to recruit and retain top talent is the mainstay of the company, whether it's revamping the hiring process or building a network of contract recruiters for companies to pull from at a moment's notice. The company has extensive experience recruiting executives, middle management, and entry-level candidates within multiple disciplines and serves a number of industries including: high tech, communications, professional services, health care and non-profit organizations. It has experience with both early stage and fast-growing, rapidly changing mature organizations. Talent Connections not only has the know-how and flexibility to work with complex organizations, but also has the ability to connect them with the talent they need efficiently and economically-especially as hiring demands change and fluctuate.

Tier2Tek IT Staffing (
Tier2Tek Staffing Agency. We provide full-time, part-time, staff augmentation, direct hire, temp to hire, outsourced, and project staffing solutions. You tell us what you are looking for and we will find you the talent. Staffing Firm, Staffing Company, Staffing Agency. Recruitment Services Permanent & Executive Search Staffing Temporary & Contingent Staffing Temp to Perm Staffing MSP Recruitment Services Cost Containment Managed Services (Talent Acquisition)

Top People USA (
Top People USA is a recruiting firm that focuses on providing quality jobs for the IT industry, engineering industry, mining industry, and professional management.

TXM Recruit (
TXM Recruit are a leading engineering recruitment consultancy working in the motorsport & automotive, defence, aerospace, general engineering, rail and built environment sectors.

Vincent Benjamin (
Vincent Benjamin's executive recruiters live and breathe the local markets of Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix and Denver. Their experienced IT and accounting recruiters are locally based so they not only know the job market and the talent, but they've also formed lasting relationships with the top talent and decision makers in each job function we specialize within.

Whitman Associates Inc. (
Whitman Associates is an employment staffing agency in Washington D.C. that specializes in the placement of temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent staffing for office personnel. Our clients include private sector businesses, associations, nonprofits, and government subcontractors. Job assignments may be scheduled for short term or long term with hourly rates determined based on experience needed and duties performed. Extended temporary assignments provide our clients with the option to hire our temporary staff members through prorated permanent placement fees.
Whether a firm in the Washington, D.C. area needs help on a temporary basis or a permanent hire, Whitman Associates can help that firm identify and hire the best available talent. We offer expertise, experience, an in-place network of contacts and a host of other benefits that save clients the time and money involved with conducting extensive job searches.

Xemplar Skilled Workforce Solutions (
Xemplar Skilled Workforce Solutions, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and founded in 2013, is the sister company of 45-year-old VIP Staffing. XEMPLAR is a skilled workforce recruiting and staffing company serving high-performance industrial clients throughout the United States. While many industrial companies struggle with recruiting skilled employees, we achieve consistent and professional success on behalf of our clients every day using our proprietary exact-fit process. Not only do we succeed at doing what others cannot, we view high-performance hiring as an opportunity for your company to enhance its competitive advantage, giving you the people you need to deliver your high-quality product or service and dominate your competition.

XTech Staffing (
Companies are unique and so are our solutions. At XTech Staffing we provide you with the answer to all your employment needs. We assist businesses with everything from a special project to building a management team. Our recruiters have the best candidates for every business environment and they come with custom tailored programs to fit your business needs. We will help you find top talent in the industry with our Flex Ready Solutions!

Professional Employer Organizations

Corps Team (
An Industry-First Business Model for Flexible Employment. We are the experts in the flexible employment market. We provide companies direct access to a previously untapped market segment of exceptional talent - professionals who have opted out of the traditional workplace. We enable professionals to work in their respective fields, while simultaneously meeting familial needs and responsibilities.

DCA Professional Search (
We specialize in the are of Hispanic advertising and marketing professionals. With over 13 years of experience in this specialty, we have acquired acquired over 10,000 contacts within the industry with a reputation that is of the highest calibre. We cover every area the ad agency & marketing industry including: account services, creative, media, strategic planning, promotions, research, public relations & marketing. We look forward to servicing you.

Eagle Employer Services (
We are a human resource outsourcing service that specializes in providing workers compensation and payroll for contractors. By outsourcing the employment responsibilties (HR, taxes, payroll, insurance coverage) to an "employer of record", our clients can focus on their core business.

Emplicity - PEO Services (
Let us show you how Emplicity can relieve the burden of workers comp, payroll admin, & employee benefits with HR outsourcing & other PEO services.

Employee Leasing Quotes (
Were licensed insurance agents with over 20 years of experience in the PEO Employee Leasing HR outsourcing industry.

Employer Flexible (
Employer Flexible supplements you by handling the details of your employment that are weighing you down and preventing you from focusing on growing your company.

Flexible Resources, Inc. (
Flexible Resources, Inc. is a nationally recognized consulting and staffing firm founded in 1989 to champion flexible hiring strategies in today's workplace.

Insperity (
Through the Insperity Workforce Optimization solution - our most comprehensive offering - we help businesses with payroll and employment administration, employee benefits, workers' compensation, government compliance, performance management, training and development services and much more.

Kruse PEO (
Kruse PEO can help minimize your non-revenue generating HR responsibilities, so that you can concentrate on improving business productivity and profitability through focused utilization of resources.

MidwestHR, LLC (
MidwestHR LLC is a Professional Employer Organization, commonly known as a PEO. We help business owners spend more time building their business and less time with non-productive tasks.

National Association of Professional Employer Associations (
The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) is the largest trade association for professional employer organizations (PEOs) nationwide. NAPEO provides robust member resources, vital networking and referrals, hard-hitting education, and effective public relations and marketing support. NAPEO advocates for the interests of its PEO members at all levels of government.

Oasis Outsourcing (
Oasis Outsourcing provides innovative workforce solutions for employment-related functions including Human Resources Services, Employee Benefits, Payroll Administration and Risk Management. When you partner with Oasis Outsourcing, you are able to take full advantage of our size, strength and relationship with leading benefits providers. By offering integrated, cost-effective solutions, we provide remarkable value to your business. This is The Oasis Advantage.

Paychex Business Solutions (
Paychex Business Solutions, a professional employer organization (PEO), is a cost-effective alternative to delivering comprehensive benefits, while allowing you to maintain control over your employees and daily operations.

PEOCompare (
An unbiased comparison tool that matches small businesses with Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) that best fulfills their business' HR needs.

Servant HR (
We provide our clients with the freedom to focus on the success and growth of their businesses, not all of the responsibilities that come with having employees. (
StaffMarket is the nations largest marketplace for the Professional Employer Organization industry. Our mission is to understand your unique needs, identify the best solutions and quickly get your company competitive proposals from our national network of the nation's best Professional Employer Organization companies.

XcelHR (
At XcelHR, we offer PEO, ASO, and HR outsourcing services to small- and mid- sized businesses. PEOs help businesses minimize time and monetary investments in HR, benefits, and payroll administration in order to maximize the income-generating aspects of their business. This allows companies to concentrate more on the operations of their business, and in turn improving its effectiveness. With this in mind, it is evident there are several benefits to acquiring PEO services.

Employee Selection Consultants

ADP Screening and Selection Services (
Selection, Compliance, and Screening Services

AlignMark (
AlignMark's AccuVision Systems use job simulation, video, and computer technologies to predict an applicant's probability of success, strengths, and developmental needs.

Applicant Insight, Inc. | Workforce Screening Solutions (
Applicant Insight is a global provider of integrated background screening, substance abuse testing and occupation health screening.

Applicant Insight provides an extensive services offering and superior technology driven solutions for ease of use. Our focus is to minimize hiring risks through the design and execution of a screening program built to ensure compliance with regulating agencies.

One major differentiator in the market is Applicant Insight's ability to provide ongoing legislative and compliance guidance. Ai personnel sit on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, Substance Abuse Professional Administrator's Association and the HR-XML Consortium.

Applied Assessments (
Helps managers meet business challenges through the selection and development of productive employees.

Assessment Strategies, LLC (
Expert employee selection and development services for small and medium sized companies of all kinds.

Barger, Cowart & Kenney, LLC (
Professional Psychologists for Talent Management

CDR Assessment Group (
Provide break-through leadership assessments accurately revealing: character or "emotional intelligence", risk factors for derailment, and driver and reward needs. Coaching and consulting services to support client needs.

We enable HR functional executives and their teams to execute efficiently, benchmark performance against best-in-class metrics, and achieve critical business objectives through successful talent and functional strategies. We provide the guidance and tools that enable business leaders and managers to overcome common challenges, improve their workforce and drive the organization's performance.

Character Assets Limited (
Character Assets Ltd. is a full service Human Resources Consulting firm, specializing in selection. Our large variety of products help our clients pick the right employee the first time.

Employment Screening Resources (
Special reports and content on the subject of risk management and hiring. The site is focused on content, rather then marketing. There are a number of articles on the "Publications" link that have been published on other sites, that may be helpful. ESRspecializes in working with employers as HR consultants. Specializes in legal compliance issues including the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Employment Connection, The (
A full service resource dedicated to assisting job seekers in developing career opportunities, specializing in serving individuals with disabilities, and businesses in meeting their hiring needs.

Euphony HR (
Provides pre-employment & employment skill testing, aptitude testing and personality assessment solutions to medium and large organizations.

Expert Advocates in Selection International (
Provides organizations with expert advise on how to use employment tests, where to find them, and how to reduce legal liabilities. We act as advocates and advisors for companies considering different vendor tools.

Gainor (
Gainor is a women-owned firm that has been a driving force in the New York staffing market since 1982. We immerse ourselves in both our clients' businesses and our candidates' careers to fully understand their priorities and direction.

HILL International (
Personnel Search & Selection as well as full-service HR-consulting. HILL International is pioneer of and the no. 1 in CEE and SEE. Offices in 20 countries (HQ in Austria) allocate the right talents & support careers. Focus lies on scientific methodology (HILL Competence Analysis (C)), own R&D and a person-centered approach.

Hogan Assessment Systems Inc. - The Science of Personality (
Hogan Assessment Systems is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that specializes in employee selection and development, providing comprehensive personality assessment systems for customers around the world.

HR Alignment Consulting, Ltd. (
HRA industrial psychologists develop and validate advanced strategic selection tools to match candidate qualifications to requirements based on unique job requirements and demands.

HR Enterprise, Inc. (
Consulting company focused on human resources, business management and organizational development.

IMPACT Group (
As The Transition Expert, IMPACT Group has the expertise and experience to help your organization manage every phase of the employee lifecycle. A global, WBENC-certified career management firm, IMPACT Group specializes in highly tailored support to meet the needs of employees transitioning in, within and out of an organization.

In Search of Eagles (
In Search of Eagles specializes in the retention, development and selection of Leadership Talent. Through our Consulting and Coaching, we provide Business Owners, CEO's, Key Executives and their teams the tools to create low stress, high performance teams.

Insight Integrity Testing (
Our unique integrity testing system reliably reports past counterproductive behavior, and eliminates problem applicants BEFORE the interview process.

LOMASelect (
Save time and money when you get a clear picture of who you hire. LOMASelect® provides suites of products designed to help you hire new employees and develop current employees.

Lori Dernavich (
We work with companies that bring great talent into their organizations but experience problems with employees not fitting into their roles, the organization, and/or their teams not working effectively. Specializing in OD advising, coaching, and training on a retainer or project basis.

The Metiss Group (
The Metiss Group is a Search and Selection firm that helps organizations and leaders with EOS Integrator search, key hire placement, leadership development and culture development. With over 400 organizations served and 10,000 candidates evaluated, our proven process is guaranteed to find you the best hire. We aren't an executive recruiting firm, but rather an extension of your hiring team. Along with our search / selection services, our team building and leadership services are second to none. To get in touch, call us at (704) 837-0696.

PSI Talent Measurement (
PSI Talent Measurement is a full service e-testing provider of valid assessment for industry, education, and healthcare.

The Plotkin Group (
With over 30 years of experience, The Plotkin Group offers employee tests and assessments for cost-effective hiring, promoting, and training decisions.

Polaris Assessment Systems (
Information on quality pre-employment testing and interviewing systems designed by industrial psychologist Dr. John Arnold.

Profiles International (
Employee selection & employee hiring can be among the most effective things you do for your business, depending on the employee hiring & employee selection process. Profiles International's assessments help in employee selection and employee hiring.

The Rainmaker Group (
The Rainmaker Group offers powerful assessment tools for use in the employee selection and hiring process. These tools can dramatically increase the chances of a successful hire and employee retention while driving turnover rates down. Check us out, we're here to help!

Real Need Software (
Offers expertise in both software development and psychological assessment. RNS Software projects typically fall within the following general areas: 1) Software for on-screen psychological testing and narrative reporting; 2) Human Resource Management software; 3) General database application software. RNS can offer consultancy and advice relating to psychometric assessment, narrative reporting and human resource assessment software.

Selecting Winners (
Put together a suite of state of the art assessment tools that help you in hiring and retaining talented employees. As the leading provider for hiring and retention tools, we can help you improve effectiveness in managing all aspects of employees, from pre-hire screening to executive development.

Select International (
Our employee assessment and hiring systems make it possible for you to identify, select and develop the best employees for your company.

Shaker Consulting Group (
Virtual Job Tryout® Custom simulations for pre-employment testing and employee selection

Silverline Technologies-Recruitment and Staffing Consultants (
We offer comprehensive solutions to the BPO and Call Centre Industry and enable Software companies to acheive high quality Offshore Product Development.

Staffing Industry Analysts (
Links to numerous articles and resources for staffing professionals.

Stang Decision Systems (
Stang Decision Systems is the best place to get assistance hiring people using the latest decision science techniques and technologies.

Validity Screening Solutions (
Validity is an industry pioneer and national provider of background checks/employment screening, drug screening and assessment testing. Validity integrates with numerous HRIS and ATS systems and is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

Wonderlic (
Our highly-regarded tests and surveys have empowered tens of thousands of clients to make intelligent decisions. Backed by our seven decades of expertise, institutions large and small, in virtually every industry, have used our trusted assessments to pinpoint potential.


ALEX Resume Processing (
Career sites make dollars spent attracting job seekers more effective by reducing candidate drop-off. Candidates can upload a resume file to pre-populate extensive online application forms with ALEX's output in seconds. Cutting application time by 80-90% improves the candidate experience, and captures critical data that is normally lost or ignored when recruiters or applicants are forced to enter data manually. Career sites using ALEX to create profiles instantly deliver more candidates to their clients, and searches are faster and more accurate. Career sites using ALEX also can provide a standard XML output to ATS vendors. HR solution providers generate an immediate revenue source. Integration is fast and easy. Your clients are already waiting for you to provide an effective way to end manual data entry. The ROI case for clients embracing your resume processing solution with ALEX is spectacular.

5 Best Practices for Vetting Talent in 2019 (
from Elevate Talent

ieSolutions (
ieSolutions is a six year old software consulting company certified as minority owned by the State of Oregon. We offer both staff augmentation to our clients for long term projects as well as assisting in staffing full projects where we take on some of the risk with fixed price project deliverables.

Prime Outsourcing Employee Leasing (
Prime Outsourcing is a professional IT outsourcing and offshore employee leasing company. We provide skilled and experienced individuals to be part of your company through the outsourcing model.


The Benefits of Temporary Employment (
from Whitman Associates

Temp Agency Tips: How To Impress a Staffing Agency (
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