Personnel Selection: Tips and FAQs: Test Administration

Standardized Administration In order to ensure that the employment test is use consistently, the test should be standardized in its administration. The test should be administered in the same manner each time it is given. This will help reduce sources of error which would reduce the reliability of the test.

Materials If a test is to be administered, you should prepare the necessary materials such as test booklets, answer sheets, pencils, calculators, tables, tools, equipment, and/or computers. Equipment used at different work sites should be arranged and calibrated to be as identical as possible.

Test Proctors The individuals administering the test should follow printed test administration instructions. As a proctor of the test, it is important that they project themselves as an authority. The test proctors should not project an image that would prevent the examinees from approaching them with questions if needed. The test proctor should look for cheating but not invoke suspicion on the part of the examinee. It is important to monitor the examinees to see if they are having difficulty with the test materials or instructions.

Read Instructions The instructions should be read to the examinees in addition to being printed in the test materials. The examinees should be able to read along with the test proctor as they verbalize the instructions. The instructions should be read clearly and slowly to enable all of the examinees to follow.

Ask for Questions Once the instructions have been read, the test proctor should ask the examinees if they have any questions about the test or its administration.

Time Limits If the test is timed, it is very important that the test proctor use a stop watch or watch with a second hand. This will help ensure consistent test administration. Examinees may be able to answer several questions in a minute of time. Therefore, each administration of the test should be the same number of minutes.

Testing Environment The testing environment should be free of distractions and well lit. The testing environment should not be crowded or have extreme heat/cold or humidity/dryness.

Security The tests should be stored in a secure location to prevent unauthorized access.