Employee Referral Programs

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Ambassador (
Increase customers, referrals, and revenue by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth.

Drafted (
Drafted matches people in your network to your company's open roles. Matches uses NLP, AI, and machine learning to provide personalized matches for you and everyone in your company.

EmployUs (
The Modern Solution for Employee Referrals. ReferIQ helps you hire more referrals and delight your employees.

iCIMS Recruit: Employee Referral Program (
With a thriving employee referral program, your current employees can be your company's best hiring source. As the number one source of quality hires, referred employees are more satisfied, stay longer, and are more likely to make a referral themselves. Grow your employee referral program with tools to encourage participation, make job sharing simple, and connect with more qualified candidates.

Lingo Careers - Employee Referral Platform (
Employee referrals, social media, and internet job boards make up the top 3 employee recruiting channels today, yet less than 10% of companies feel they have the right program for reaching these candidates. Introducing Lingo. The easiest and fastest way to generate a pipeline for high-quality employee referrals, complete with endorsements from your current team.
Lingo is a turnkey, cloud-based solution designed to help you leverage your most powerful recruiting tool, your employees. By combining the most popular digital channels with our best-in-class referral marketing solutions, Lingo helps you bridge the gap between today's top talent and the careers waiting at the other end of the click.

MeshHire (
MeshHire is a cloud-based Talent Community Platform designed to help recruiters and human resources professionals to promote jobs, manage referrals, get talents, and evaluate recruitment results with client's branded talent community.

Referagig (
We have a simple philosophy: making and receiving employee referrals should be easier then easy. If it requires any extra effort beyond sharing of information, it's too complicated. That's why we've built Referagig to integrate directly with the tools and systems you already use. From single sign-on to direct integration with your HRIS and ATS systems, we've got you covered. With a world-class API services layer, we can easily plug in to whatever software tools you use to make your life easier, not harder.

RippleHire (
Leverage your workforce's powerful relationships for productive results. Employees source, you hire.

RolePoint Employee Referral Software (
RolePoint offers a full stack of products for employee referrals, internal talent mobility and optimizing the candidate experience: powerful alone, and even better when used together.

Yello (
Engage your most valuable asset - your employees - to recruit top talent by launching an employee referrals program. Empower employees to become company advocates to fill positions faster, reduce cost-to-hire and lower turnover rates, while contributing to a more collaborative company culture.

Zao (
We've built a world-class social recruiting platform around these concepts:
Make it easy to reward all the people that help you make successful hires, whether they work for your company or not.
Increase engagement with gamification by acknowledging quality referral efforts based on your priorities.
Automate as much of your referral program as possible so that you don''t have to do any heavy lifting.
Make your referral program accessible anywhere your employees are using a mobile device.


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