Drug Testing Resources

Complete Drug Testing Solutions (
Complete Drug Testing Solutions offers drug testing kits at a low cost. All test kits are FDA approved.

Confirm Biosciences (
Confirm BioSciences offers a full range of drug and alcohol test kits straight from the drug test manufacturer to you. We offer both instant and laboratory drug testing kits for use at home, in the workplace, at school, and anywhere else drug testing is required. We also carry extensive line of forensic field test kits available for law enforcement and public safety officials.

DDS Employee Screening Services (
We are a provider of drug testing, background checks, and employee screening services, for businesses nationwide

Devon Medical Products (
The drug test division at Devon Medical Products is dedicated to providing drug and lab testing services to eliminate illegal and prescription drug use and abuse. Do you suspect that your child might be using drugs? We offer a variety of different testing options to get you the answers that you need quickly so that you begin the painstaking process of getting them the help that they need. Or are you an employer who needs to do pre-employment drug tests as part of your hiring process? For this scenario and many more, our diagnostic tests and lab analysis have been an important tool in combating this worldwide drug epidemic.

Drug Test Coordinators (
We offer a full range of employee drug testing services beginning with the design and implementation of a drug free workplace policy designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual client company.

DrugTestKitUSA (
DrugTestKitUSA offers a comprehensive line of drug and alcohol testing devices for all your drug testing needs. Our drug tests are rapid, up to 99% accurate, easy-to-use and affordable. As an online supplier of rapid drug tests, our goal is to offer you high quality and affordable products. Our clients represent a cross-section of the drug testing market and include, but are not limited to the following practice settings: Work Place Safety, Human Resources, Probation and Parole, Correctional, Pain Management, Drug Treatment, Doctors Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, School Safety, Clinical Trials and Emergency Services. DrugTestKitUSA is devoted to meeting all your drug testing needs.

Drug Test Panels ( is an Uritox LLC company that provides Instant Urine Test, Saliva Test, Hair Drug Test and Pre-employment screening test kits in bulk. Easy to use, 99% accuracy, Affordable Price and Same day delivery.

Drug Testing Questions and Answers (
Bulletin board offering free, expert answers to questions about workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Drug Tests in Bulk ( is a large scale provider of instant drug test and urinalysis medical devices along with a full line of lab based testing. With a wide range of loyal clients ranging from medical facilities, doctors offices, private & public schools, Occ-med centers, private security companies, sober living communities, medical hospitals, gambling casinos, drug treatment groups, jails, homeless shelters and private businesses.
We help our clients develop drug free workplace environments along with day to day testing of their patients and donors. We carry a very extensive catalog of products that are ready to ship at a moments notice. We have many different drug test product lines to meet our clients needs.

Early Drug Testing Solutions From AngelScope (
AngelScope™ Early Drug Testing Solutions Supply Drug Testing Kits for Urine and Oral Saliva tests for up to 10 Drugs of abuse. Alcohol Tests for BAC & BrAC levels.

ESRcheck (
A Full Range of Pre-employment Screening Services and Background Checks for Employers, Human Resources and Security Departments.

EZ Key Cup Integrated Split Specimen Drug Test Cup ( is home of the E-Z Integrated Key Cup. A rapid on-site urine drug test cup for the purpose of detecting drugs of abuse, ezkeycup is owned and operated by Rapid Detect, Inc.

Forensic Fliuds Laboratories (
Our Drug Testing & Screening Services are the best for businesses that care about "The Big 4" of: 1) Accuracy -- 2) Easy, Non Invasive Testing -- 3) Speed of Lab Results -- 4) Price.

FormFox (
FormFox's core competency is in designing and developing data management and workflow solutions to improve processes for all players in the drug and alcohol testing and broader employee qualification industry.

HireRight Drug & Health Screening (
Whether you need a solution that meets requirements for a Department of Transportation (DOT)-regulated drug and health screening program or you need to implement a drug-free workplace program, HireRight has a solution that fits your needs.

HIRE-SAFE employment background screening (
All employment background checks are NOT the same! Legally compliant Pre-Employment Background Screening and Drug Testing.

HR-Guide (
Additional resources on Drug and Alcohol

Interquest Detection Canines® (
We are the nation's oldest and largest contraband detection and drug dog services provider, celebrating a quarter century of excellence in 2004.

MediTests (
Full service provider of drug and alcohol testing services On site and off site. Urine Saliva and Hair tests available.

Nationwide Drug Testing (
Nationwide Drug Testing offers DOT Drug Testing Programs as well as customized drug testing programs for private entities.

Origin Diagnostics (
Origin Diagnostics, LLC is a leading developer and distributor of health test devices including drug and alcohol testing. They provide a wide range of oral drug testing kits, urine drug test and saliva drug test.

Preferred Drug Testing (
Drug testing supplies, lowest price on the internet. Visit our store or call 605-366-2994

Premier InfoSource (
Nationwide drug testing & employment screening

PreventX (
UKs leading supplier of high quality Drug Testing Kits

Rapid Detect Inc (
RDI is a leading source for rapid drug test kits. A rapid drug test will save your company dollars and time by using disposable on-site screening devices that display results in 5 minutes. Approve job candidates eligible for employment and get people to work faster with a rapid drug test!

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory (
With over 5 million testing devices sold worldwide, RTL is committed to providing the highest quality and most cost effective drug testing solutions available.

Saliva Drug and Alcohol Testing (
On-site saliva drug and alcohol screening that saves time and is about half the cost of lab based urine testing.

Sterling Talent Solutions (
We provide employers with accurate, complete and timely background information and drug screening on job applicants.

TestVault Drug Testing Software (
TestVault is a web-based drug and alcohol testing software application that allows managers and employees access from anywhere at any time. TestVault provides automatic report and invoice generation, quickbooks support, lab integration, random selection and pre-employment capabilities, and more.

US Drug Test Centers (
US Drug Test Centers is a nationwide network of testing centers whose mission is to provide your business with immediate testing solutions for your Drug and alcohol testing and drug-free workplace needs. We provide complete DOT drug testing and compliance programs, and drug-free workplace program needs, as well as being able to establish an ongoing drug testing and drug-free workplace program for your business.

US Health Testing (
US Health Testing is one of the Nations leading providers of drug and alcohol testing for employers, law enforcement, courts, and government agencies. FDA-approved and SAMHSA-certified drug testing laboratories only. Employers and individuals consistently choose us for convenience, discretion, quality, and safety.

US Screening Source (
Drug Tests, results in minutes. Low cost urine Drug test, Drug testing Kits and Saliva Drug Tests.

White Glove Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc (
We provide onsite and emergency drug & alcohol testing for regulated and non-regulated employers. We service the entire state of Maryland on a 24/7 basis with ONLY CERTIFIED collectors and breath alcohol technicians. We do not require long term contracts. We will utilize your current lab and/or MRO or we can provide. Random selection, records management, and TPA also available. All types of testing performed.

Nationwide drug and alcohol testing services. FDA cleared on site drug test kits and DOT compliant testing. Internet tracking and results reporting. Low cost, reliable.

WorkPlaceTesting ( is an online resource for employment testing and employee wellness.
We are dedicated to educating companies about how to create safe, healthy and productive workforces. This includes the assessment of both current and prospective employees' health, personality, skills, abilities and traits. The use of testing in workplace settings has surged over the past decade. This can have major benefits for companies who use workplace testing, but it also makes things more complicated. aims to provide information to help employers make better choices when it comes to acquiring and maintaining the fittest, safest and healthiest workforce possible. Drug Testing Kit (
Drug testing supplies from leading distributor of drug tests