Performance Appraisal

Appraisal Smart Ltd (
Appraisal Smart is an innovative, cutting-edge solution to managing employee performance appraisals/reviews. It is a sophisticated web-based, enterprise-wide system (internet or intranet) designed by HR professionals and ASP.NET specialists. Includes 360 Degree Feedback, online Job Descriptions and additional Ad-hoc Appraisal capability (e.g. for probation, promotion, disciplinary). Highly cost-effective for from only 30 employees to 1000s. U.S. server hosting. Online demo & 7-day free trial.

Astron Solutions (
Recreate your organization's performance review forms with an entirely cloud-based platform. Appraisal forms can be updated at any time. Each employee's appraisal can be pre-populated with job description information and other desired demographics. The Performance Management Module has embedded validations to ensure that all required fields are completed. This module also performs calculations of all mathematical tabulations to ensure accurate scoring.

BullseyeEngagement (
Document appraisals in minutes with simple point-and-click entries (no forms to fill out!). Schedule formal performance reviews and 360s or initiate them ad-hoc. Quickly retrieve actionable insights with high-level dashboards.

Grote Consulting: Performance Management (
Grote Consulting is a respected specialized management consulting firm. We provide unrivaled expertise in the areas of performance appraisal, performance improvement, and talent management.

Horizon Management Group (
Horizon Management Group is a human resource management specialist consulting firm that assists organizations in getting the best from their people. Our website shows how we deliver our employee management services. It has free downloads relating to performance management and a product, "Key Steps to Implementing Performance Management". We can also provide manager and employee training on performance management.

MAUS Performance Review (
MAUS Performance review software will generate fully formatted employee reviews in half the time. Our exclusive Intelli-text technology automatically creates your performance review in a clear and natural manner. It uses both performance competencies and employee objectives to create a complete picture of each employees performance.

Performance Programs (
PPI helps organizations understand how people act, think, feel, and fit in their workplaces. We are expert providers of employee satisfaction and morale surveys, personality tests, 360 feedback, work-life balance assessment, and expatriate candidate assessment

Pilat HR Solutions (
Pilat is a leading global Human Resources Consultancy, Software-house and Services company. Since 1974, Pilat has specialized in helping organizations automate and integrate their strategic processes for Leadership Development. Pilat offers a flexible, complimentary range of talent management products and services that focus on Performance & Development Management, Competency-based Succession Planning, Compensation, 360 Multi-rater Feedback and Data Analytics. Either an ASP or In-house project, our team insures a rapid, yet highly effective implementation for your HR needs.

Select Strategy Inc. (
The Select Strategy Inc. web based performance appraisal and goal management system and process streamlines the performance management process. It helps organizations review employees fairly and consistently. Select Strategy Inc's management consultants are skilled at working with organizations to implement and install a system that is tailored to meet an organization's specific culture, working style and needs.

SkillSoft (
SkillView Connection is a competency management application that is designed to help businesses manage their employees' skills and knowledge more effectively.

Success Factor Systems (
SuccessFactors is the established global leader in providing on-demand, Web-based, integrated talent management solutions that help organizations align, develop, motivate and retain their employees. Founded in 2001, SuccessFactors' software as a service solution helps companies of all sizes align employee performance with bottom-line business results. Our talent management suite includes solutions for goal alignment, performance management, 360s, succession planning and pay-for-performance compensation. SuccessFactors is headquartered in San Mateo, CA. and has multiple offices worldwide. The applications are being used by over 800,000 users in 101 countries and 15 languages.

SumTotal Performance Appraisal Software (
SumTotal provides the industry's most innovative and complete employee performance management platform designed for both global enterprises and mid-sized organizations.

Ultimate Software (
With Ultimate Software's UltiPro, performance management is a continuous, collaborative experience. You can drive a dynamic, social, and engaging performance management process for employees at all levels of the organization, and then connect each person's performance and productivity with overall business strategies.