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Appraisal Smart (
Appraisal Smart is an innovative, cutting-edge solution to managing employee performance appraisals/reviews. It is a sophisticated web-based, enterprise-wide system (internet or intranet) designed by HR professionals and ASP.NET specialists. Includes 360 Degree Feedback, online Job Descriptions and additional Ad-hoc Appraisal capability (e.g. for probation, promotion, disciplinary). Highly cost-effective for from only 30 employees to 1000s. U.S. server hosting. Online demo & 7-day free trial.

BullseyeEvaluation® Performance Appraisal Software (
Accredited performance appraisal system vendor named BullseyeEvaluation® fills all your business requirements. We customize Employee performance Dashboard for your Business Success. There is no any long process to evaluate your business performance, BullseyeEvaluation® has a quick and simple solution with in just 10 minutes.

Corporate Renaissance Group (
emPerform, an online competency-based performance management solution, that offers complete flexibility to configure appraisals consistent with an organization's policies & processes. It provides 360 reviews, goal management, succession planning, surveys, reporting and more. ( for Enterprises is a Customizable Work-Peformance Feedback and Collaboration Network for Organizations of all sizes.

Digital Measures (
Digital Measures offers online course evaluation software and faculty management and activity tracking software for universities and colleges.

EmpXtrack-Performance Appraisal (
EmpXtrack is a composite Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that can be used by any organization of any size. It is a system, which helps in developing people and driving performance.

ETS - Performance Management (
ETS will give you get everything you need to make performance appraisal a dynamic, year-round discussion. Our performance management systems include all the elements from cascaded objective setting, to managing annual and interim performance appraisals. They also increasingly include 360-degree feedback (for a fuller view of your people's performance and development needs).

Expert Training Systems - Performance Management Appraisals (
ETS develop bespoke Performance Management Appraisals - either automating existing systems or creating brand new processes.

Hale Human Capital (
Hale Human Capital is an HR auditing & organization Development Consultancy firm which assists associations with characterizing, create and support a culture of learning and Growth which thus guarantees business achievement.
Our performance management systems, payroll processing services, employee engagement surveys, outbound training programs, self defense training and OD interventions are pointed toward directing client associations in the positive bearing, through our co-creation in areas of authoritative and initiative turn of events, key preparation, and functional execution. Our gathering of experienced experts set the bar high ,and we try to work with organizations who share our obligation to take a stab at greatness.

HealthcareSource Performance Manager® (
Performance Manager® is a full-featured software system to simplify the performance management process by automating the workflow for appraisals, competencies, training & reporting

LightWork Talent Management (
LightWork™ Talent Management (formerly PerformancePAM) is a dynamic talent management system designed to help you identify strengths and areas for improvement in employee performance and set goals for employee and company success. Web-based with familiar Microsoft Windows navigation, LightWork integrates with all HR systems with the tightest integration to Sage HRMS.

Panoramic Feedback (
At PANORAMIC FEEDBACK, we understand. You want pure Internet technology and the most comprehensive expertise available to support your 360-degree feedback initiative. Founded in 1998, PANORAMIC FEEDBACK was the first 360 provider to harness the advantages of the World Wide Web. Today, hundreds of organizations around the globe enjoy the benefits of PANORAMIC FEEDBACK's universal, instant access. They include the financial, manufacturing, and health care sectors, governments, non-profits, and consulting firms. Through them, we've provided feedback and opportunities for growth to more than 40,000 individuals. PANORAMIC FEEDBACK'S founders bring two decades of experience in organization development and leadership coaching to your 360-degree feedback solution. That means the finest system and best support in the industry.

Perfode - Engage, Assess, Excel (
Perfode provides, customizable on demand automated employee performance appraisal solution that can align your workforce around key strategic objectives. Free Trial!

Pilat HR Solutions (
Pilat's Performance Pulse system supports the most simple to the most sophisticated proecesses and evolves as your needs and practices dictate. Highly Flexible & Scalable.

Select Strategy Inc. (
The Select Strategy Inc. web based performance appraisal and goal management system and process streamlines the performance management process. It helps organizations review employees fairly and consistently. Select Strategy Inc's management consultants are skilled at working with organizations to implement and install a system that is tailored to meet an organization's specific culture, working style and needs.

Small Improvements - Performance Reviews and 360 Degree Feedback (
Dehassle the performance review: Small Improvements lets you focus on actual feedback and improvements, not on ratings and metrics. It's web-based, hosted, affordable and pretty. Your staff will grasp the concept immediately. If you've used Facebook before, you're almost overqualified. 360 degree feedback, performance appraisals, objectives and microblogging, all in one unified application. Free 10 user license available.

SumTotal Performance Appraisal Software (
SumTotal provides the industry's most innovative and complete employee performance management platform designed for both global enterprises and mid-sized organizations.

TTI Success Insights (
TTI Success Insights develops and distributes assessments that are used to help hire, retain and develop individuals in businesses and organizations throughout the globe.

viaPeople (
Goal Setting & Developing Planning - Collaboratively set performance and development goals, track progress, and measure results against predefined performance standards to accomplish organizational objectives.
Performance Evaluation - Automate your company's desired performance appraisal process using flexible form and workflow tools.

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