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Clear Law Institute | Online Sexual Harassment Training (
Fulfills the training requirements of all federal and state laws, including those in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New York State and New York City. Is used by tens of thousands of employees at hundreds of organizations, such as PETCO and the University of Notre Dame.

Compliance Training Group (
Sexual harassment training and OSHA compliance consulting services

Define the Line - Harassment Prevention Comic Book Training (
Sexual harassment prevention training in the form of a comic book. Training resources for HR professionals to prevent sexual harassment in their organizations.

Fair Measures (
Sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation are not only illegal, they can be a symptoms of a much larger problem - lack of respect in the workplace. Our program starts with a discussion of the minimum requirements of anti-harassment and EEOC law, along with your organization's policies and procedures preventing harassment on the basis of sex, race, age, religion, national origin, disability, and sexual orientation. Going beyond this, we bring in your organizational values, as well as the values of the participants, to begin the process of creating a respectful and informed workplace.

HRdirect Sexual Harassment Training Software and Posters (
Stop workplace bullying and harassment with these helpful sexual harassment training and reference materials. Keep harassment out of your workplace and your business out of court.

Inspired eLearning - Online Workplace and Sexual Harassment Training (
Whether you have one employee or 10,000, our easy to use totally web-based Workplace and Sexual Harassment training solution for supervisors and all employees can quickly train your global workforce and help your organization comply with laws, such as AB 1825, regulations and EEOC guidelines and reduce your risk of harassment complaints.

Interactive Employment Training (
Providers of award-winning online sexual harassment training

Kantola Training Solutions (
Sexual harassment training is for everyone. Workplace harassment is gaining attention these days, both from employers and from the courts. And it's easy to see why. Unwelcome attention that is sexual in nature can lead to a hostile workplace that is both unproductive and unfair to employees who are trying to do their jobs. Use these sexual harassment training programs as stand-alone tools or in combination with other learning components for an effective training program that deals with the prevention of workplace sexual harassment. Create the respectful work environment your employees deserve, and the law demands.

NAVEX Global - Harassment Training, Corporate Compliance Solutions, Ethics Hotline (
NAVEX Global provides a comprehensive compliance solution program to encourage trust and transparency within your organization. With the first end-to-end, integrated compliance solution comprised of employee hotline and case management solutions, harassment training and awareness programs, organizational assessments and ethical policy development, NAVEX Global has the answer to all your compliance needs.

MVP Seminars : Sexual Harrasment Training (
A leading nationwide business training provider, covering a broad range of employee and management topics at affordable prices. Specializing in mandatory sexual harassment training.

Sexual Harassment Training Institute (
In our Sexual Harassment Awareness training seminars your employees will learn and apply the important skills of handling sexual harassment issues and complaints. This hands on seminar thoroughly addresses the elements of how to prevent unacceptable behavior. The seminar includes a detailed overview of what sexual harassment is, explains legal definitions, discusses sexual harassment prevention, and shows how to handle sexual harassment complaints and maintain a positive work environment.™ Sexual Harassment Training Courses ( provides training for employment and workplace issues like sexual harassment prevention training, AB 1825 California Sexual Harassment, Connecticut CHROA Sexual Harassment and more. Review our 2011 Ethical Workforce catalog for your training needs.

Training Sevices On Demand (
Onsite Training Programs: Sexual Harassment Prevention & Diversity


Definition Sexual Harassment (

Defending Sexual Harassment Claims after Faragher and Ellerth (
Legal guide by Donald J. Spero, Esq.

FAQS About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (
from EzineArticles

Information About Sexual Harassment Claims (
from EzineArticles

Preventing Sexual Harassment in California (
from EzineArticles

When the Harasser is an Executive (
An article by David J. Biviano, Ph.D.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (
Article from Equalrights . org

Sexual Harassment FAQ's (
In-depth information about sexual harassment and harassment based on gender, race, age, national origin, religion, disability and sexual orientation.

The "Glass Ceiling" - Has it Prevented Employment to Your Full Potential? (
2012 article by Nathan Davidovich, Esq.

What is Sexual Harassment? (
From Equal Rights Advocates

Bertelson Law Office - Employment Law, Discrimination (
In recent years, courts and legislatures have dramatically changed the employer-employee relationship. These changes have caused confusion for both employers and employees. Below are some frequently asked questions as well as information on how the Bertelson Law Office can help you with your specific employment needs. Good FAQ section

California Sexual Harassment Lawyers (
California lawyers representing victims of sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, with attorneys in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Miller Law Group - 5 Tips to Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment (
A place where HR professionals and employers can go to find answers about handling sexual harassment claims in the workplace and more. A Reading Room provides interesting articles and newsletter pieces on various topics in employment law on the side of the employer and HR professional.

The Facts About California AB1825 Sexual Harassment Law (
An in-depth article on the facts about California's AB1825 Sexual Harassment law.


Anderson-davis, Inc (
A leader in interactive harassment and investigation training for over 30 years.

Compliance Training Group (
Compliance Training Group is a division of Diversified Risk Management, Inc., and specializes exclusively in workplace training courses that include on-site instructor-led training, long distance learning via Webinars, and online training programs for executives, supervisors and employees.

DRM, Inc. Nationwide Corporate Investigation Servcies (
Diversified Risk Management, Inc. conducts sexual harassment, substance abuse, workplace violence, theft, white-collar crim workplace investigations and provides other specialized services. As a leading nationwide investigation firm, we help employers reduce risk, solve problems and achieve measurable results. We are committed to providing long-term solutions with uncompromising integrity, quality, and value.

ELI® - Sexual Harassment Training (
Leaders in Legal and Ethics Compliance Training

Mitchell Consulting (
Mitchell Consulting offers customized online interactive training, multi-state online interactive training and in person workshop training. Our multi-state online training is ideal for any state requiring 2 hours of interactive online Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.

Los Angeles and Orange County Sexual Harassment Attorneys (
Los Angeles and Orange County Sexual Harassment Attorneys

PCS Consultants (
PCS-Consultants, through our network of executive consultants and senior managers with over 50 years of expertise in diverse industries, offer expert bilingual project consultants and interim personnel. We team with high growth employers to create human resources practices, policies, and preventative solutions designed to develop employee practices, solve employer problems, attract, and retain human capital.

Sexual Harassment Training and Consulting (
We conduct sexual harassment training around the United States, providing sexual harassment training DVD's as well as sexual harassment training videos. We are located in Canton, Ohio, which is near Akron, just south of Cleveland, Ohio.

Susan Strauss (
Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying Consultant, Trainer, Expert Witness, Investigator

The Training Associates (
From sexual harassment to assault, cultivating an organizational environment of mutual respect is necessary to make strides in preventing harassment within your organization. With TTA's guidance, we'll provide your organization with the knowledge and skills to ensure that your organization's anti-sexual harassment training makes a difference.

TTG Consultants (
TTG's Sexual Harassment Prevention training creates an "awareness" what's not appropriate in the workplace, and it discusses the many other issues that can create a harassment-free workplace.

WorkRelationships (
Since 1991, WorkRelationships has been providing cutting edge employee compliance/relations training and consulting. Has a new online sexual harassment prevention training for supervisors; because WorkRelationships believes in training ALL employees, online employee course is only $9 per employee if supervisor course is used!

On-Line Resources

ExpertPages (
Sexual Harassment / Discrimination Expert Witnesses and Consultants - The Original & Leading Online Directory of Expert Witnesses

Investigating the Sexual Harassment Claim (
from FindLaw

Q & A (

Sexual Harassment Hotline Resource List (
Organized by state; from Feminist Majority Foundation

Sexual Harassment Law Firms (
Find a lawyer or a law firm specializing in sexual harassment law. cases including hostile-work environment, quid pro quo, casting couch, sexual discrimination, ambit of the Hhuman Rights Act, sexual harassment.

On-Line Policies

Guidelines for developing a Sexual Harassment Policy (
This page shows some basic steps in developing a sexual harassment policy to be implemented in your workplace.

Guidelines for Conducting an Investigation (
Need to conduct an investigation into sexual harassment? Try this guideline for assistance.

Sample Discriminatory Harassment Policy (
Sample Discriminatory Harassment Prevention Policy

Sexual Miscunduct Policies & Procedures (
From University of Maryland

Case Law

Davis v. County Board of Education (
Title IX damages action may lie against a school board in cases of student-on-student harassment, but only where the funding recipient is deliberately indifferent to sexual harassment, of which the recipient has actual knowledge, and that harassment is so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it can be said to deprive the victims of access to the educational opportunities or benefits provided by the school

Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services (1998) (
Same sex harassment and harassment of males is judged to be legally possible and actionable, under Title VII. U.S. Supreme Court.

Faragher v. City of Boca Raton, Florida (1998) (
Employers are responsible for the misconduct of supervisors, even if the employer was not aware of the behavior. Also, the failure to disseminate its sexual harassment policy to each employee, failure of city officials to make any attempt to keep track of the supervisors' conduct, and not maintaining a policy and procedure that allowed employees to by-pass their direct supervisor to register complaints about improper harassment were noted by the court.

Burlington Industries v. Ellerth (1998) (
Even if the harassed employee did not suffer any significant damages or tangible impact upon their job or person, the employer may still be held liable for the harassment, and the employee can recover against the employer. The facts of this case were determined to fall under the "hostile and abusive" work environment standard defining harassment.

Gebser v. Lago Vista Independent School District (1998) (
Court ruled that a school district is not liable for harassment which it was unaware of and which was not administratively reported. Damages may not be recovered in those circumstances unless an official of the school district who at a minimum has authority to institute corrective measures on the district's behalf has actual notice of, and is deliberately indifferent to, the teacher's misconduct.