Employee Relations

Center for Values Research, Inc (
CVR is an employee relations consulting group that began in 1974 and has worked with over 3000 organizations in every field of endeavor, both unionfree and unionized. Our surveys and workshops help to bring the values of employees and the goals of management into systematic alignment.

Employee Relations (
The SHRM Employee Relations page is your one-stop location for information on employee conduct, discipline, recognition, performance management, employee engagement, employee handbooks, policies and more.

Employee Relations Inc. (
Employee Relations Inc. was established in 1993 for the specific purpose of supporting the needs of employers for a safe and productive workplace, while helping to contain the costs associated with negligent hire and retention claims. We are a national human resource support company dedicated to empowering employers to make informed decisions about who to hire, who not to hire, and who to retain as an employee through employment related background checks, drug testing, hotline and a multitude of HR solutions. Employee Relations is a comprehensive system of HR resources and services that help you reduce exposure to liability as well as improving hiring and HR management functions.

Employee Relations - The International Journal (
Employee Relations is a leading international academic journal focusing on the importance of understanding and merging corporate, management and employee needs to achieve optimum performance, commitment and effectiveness, addresses research, practice and ideas about relationships between employment. International issues are covered in all areas of HR and industrial relations. A stringent double-blind review of each paper is undertaken to ensure its relevance and validity.

F&H Solutions Group (
F&H Solutions Group can help you build programs to effectively communicate with employees, vendors, customers and other critical audiences, as well as manage unexpected crises. We combine our strong counseling and consulting skills with years of experience on the client side, having managed these responsibilities for Fortune 500 companies, high- profile organizations and public officials.

Federation of European Employers, The (
An organisation for progressive employers operating in Europe.

HR Policy Association (
Legislative issue briefs, employment Laws, policy statements, voting analyses and more.

The HR Team (
The HR Team has extensive experience serving as an extension of your team. To that end, there are some situations that may be more easily handled by an outsider, such as sensitive employee issues and firing.

i-Sight HR & Employee Relations Investigation Software (
Software to manage HR and Employee Relations investigations from start to finish. Easily gather referrals, assign them for review, escalate cases for investigation and track outcomes.

LRI Management Services (
LRI Management Services transforms organizations into employee relations leaders. Working with leaders from both union-free and unionized organizations, LRIMS provides resources, training and consulting to companies of all sizes and industry segments.

The Labor and Employment Relations Association (
"The LERA is a singular organization of professionals interested in industrial relations and human resources."

Management Performance International (
Employee Relations Assessments

Northwest Employee Relations (
We provide employers with a broad base of knowledge and experience when dealing with employees and their problems. This can range from answering questions about federal and state employment regulations to knowing the best way to handle a difficult employee. We spend time keeping up to date on all the latest court cases, administrative rulings.

PURE™ is easy to use and has been embraced by managers, supervisors and employees because it addresses what they want from their company: better communications, stronger relationships and an opportunity to become the company's competitive edge. PURE is a win/win for everyone!

Strom Engineering (
Consulting firm specializing in labor disruption and advising on means in which to keep costs down and profits up during strike-related incidents.

U.S. Office of Personnel Mangement-Employee Relations (
News and information about the guidance and assistance we provide to Federal agencies about such issues as discipline, misconduct, performance problems, and dispute resolution.

Well Working Matters (
Well Working Matters work with both employees and their employer to put the best possible plan of action together to tackle the problem of absence management within the workplace.