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Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software

Advantage (
Help managers write job profiles; create good objectives; document performance regularly; build consensus on individual and unit standards; write appraisals.

Appraisal Smart (
We offer (1) Appraisal Smart, a sophisticated, web/cloud-based (Software-as-a-Service) employee performance management and review system, (2) Smart360, with ground-breaking context-targeted 360-degree feedback technology, (3) a Goal Management Module to create goal hierarchies, cascade, align and manage goals, and (4) a unique online Learning Management Module to manage employee training and career development. Highly cost-effective for from only 20 employees to 1000s. U.S. server hosting. Ask for an online demo & 7-Day Free Trial.

Astron Solutions (
Recreate your organization's performance review forms with an entirely cloud-based platform. Appraisal forms can be updated at any time. Each employee's appraisal can be pre-populated with job description information and other desired demographics. The Performance Management Module has embedded validations to ensure that all required fields are completed. This module also performs calculations of all mathematical tabulations to ensure accurate scoring.

Bauschke & Associates Ltd. (
CEO-Online©. Web-based CEO performance evaluation software. Features include up-to-date marketplace CEO compensation data to help your organization maintain it's competitive edge.
Director-Online©. Web-based Board of Directors performance evaluation software. Accomodates board evaluations, board member self evaluations, and board committee evaluations.
e-Valuator©. Web-based employee performance evaluation software. Align and track goals, measure employee performance, schedule training and development, and more.

Bowland Solutions (
We deliver highly tailored and cost-effective online performance appraisal and 360 degree feedback solutions. These will reduce the administrative burden, reduce paperwork and the costs associated with the appraisal process. See our website for free case studies, articles, blogs and request an online demonstration today.

BullseyeEngagement (
Document appraisals in minutes with simple point-and-click entries (no forms to fill out!). Schedule formal performance reviews and 360s or initiate them ad-hoc. Quickly retrieve actionable insights with high-level dashboards.

Business Decisions, Inc (
Developer of the BDIfocus integrated software system developed to measure and improve an organization's "people" through training, career development, performance and succession planning. BDIfocus turns Human Resources into a measurable and quantifiable asset.

Capterra's Performance Appraisal Software Directory (
Capterra provides a free resource that allows buyers to find and compare Performance Appraisal software solutions.

Cognology (
Agile performance management software. Configurable to your organisation. Includes goals, KPIs, competencies, behaviours, feedback and development.

Cornerstone Performance Suite (
Cornerstone employee performance appraisal software aligns individual goals with departmental objectives and organizational strategy to ensure that workforce activity is translated into positive business results.

CRG emPerform (
CRg emPerform is online talent management software. Automated appraisals, goal management, succession planning, compensation management, 360 surveys, employee surveys, reporting & analytics and more. emPerform is all inclusive - customers get all modules for one great price.

Darwinbox (
While having the right talent on board is important, what is even more important is how you nurture them. Darwinbox performance management module comes with a whole range of features such as manpower budgeting and position management, which solves various HR complexities and caters to every performance aspect. The platform provides continuous, real-time, and conversational feedback while maintaining a sense of alignment of the individual's efforts with the overall goals of the organization. HR professionals can perform different performance assessment frameworks for different positions in the organization to match the organisation needs easily and with its 360° feedback that is collected from multiple stakeholders within and even outside the organization, an organisation can get a better & holistic view of their employee's performance.

DINAMIKS® Employee Performance Management (
Dinamiks is the creator of a niche web-based software product - DINAMIKS - aimed at small, medium and large organisations alike. DINAMIKS is an online Performance and Talent Management Appraisal Software Solution that will both focus individuals on the goals and objectives of the organisation, and help develop them in line with your organisational culture - enabling you to outperform your competitors and improve your bottom line.

emPerform UK (
emPerform is a flexible, all-in-one performance management software solution. The emPerform software enables automated appraisals, talent management, succession planning, compensation management, 360 multi-rater reviews, employee surveys and a powerful reporting function. The cost-effective, user-friendly system adds real value to your business through the effective management.

EmployWise, Integrated Employee life Cycle Management Software (
The EmployWise™ Performance Management module creates a flexible, transparent and employee and manager self service enabled employee performance appraisal system. It enables mapping of role KRAs and KPIs as well as role competencies to ensure goal alignment and cascading goals. As an automated, employee self service system, it improves performance through frequent reviews and feedback to the employee and gives time to managers to correct performance in time. The EmployWise™ Performance Management module tightly couples with the EmployWise™ Learning and Development module to create a comprehensive employee capability development system.

GroSum (
GroSum is a Performance Management system with emphasis on continuous feedback and engagement. GroSum helps set business objectives as per different roles, regular informal interaction on them, plan development and compensation.

Harvest HCM Performance (
Harvest HCM™ Performance helps align individual goals with organizational strategy to ensure peak performance throughout the entire global organization. Set clear goals and tasks to align pay with performance.

Head Light - Talent Management Software (
Talent Performance® is a powerful and configurable online performance management tool-great for supporting on-going, continuous performance management and performance appraisal.

HR Align Performance Management (
Facilitates aligning the KRA's of individuals within the departments to the Strategic Initiatives & Goals. Allow individuals to set their own Tactics, Targets and Time bound Tasks. Facilitates a superior to monitor & guide his / her subordinates to bring in cohesion and accountability.

Insperity PerformSmart (
As a Web-based performance management solution, PerformSmart helps you align your workplace performance with your business goals, setting the stage to catapult your success.

Jakoba Software (
Jakoba's employee performance management solution automates and dramatically simplifies the employee appraisal process. Human Resource Management System (
Encompasses all organizational HR needs with innovative ways of handling performance management, recruitment, attendance tracking, goal management and employee record-keeping. Develop the potential of all your employees by monitoring their performance and regulating them with team leaders and directors. Now employees have a better transparency over the contribution they make to organizational development and can now communicate their carrier goals with managers directly.

Lightwork Talent Management (
LightWork™ Talent Management (formerly PerformancePAM) is a dynamic talent management system designed to help you identify strengths and areas for improvement in employee performance and set goals for employee and company success. Web-based with familiar Microsoft Windows navigation, LightWork integrates with all HR systems with the tightest integration to Sage HRMS. (
Employee performance management software to keep track of your employees from ManagerAssistant.

MAUS Performance Appraisal (
MAUS Performance Appraisal is an intuitive employee review system that makes paperwork redundant and will help you to improve workplace productivity. Our automated system will allow you to effectively manage performance reviews. It allows companies to engage their employees using a secure, easy-to-use system that can be easily customised to suit the management process. Its designed to keep your staff on track with their performance whilst maintaining a strong focus on coaching development and areas to improve on in the future.

Peoplefluent (
Makes the entire performance management task more efficient, effective, and productive by automating the procedure and building upon your HRIS and the internet technology you already have.

PeopleGoal (
We offer a customizable performance improvement platform for businesses.

Perfode - Engage, Assess, Excel (
Perfode delivers web based, Performance and Talent management solution that makes it easy to produce high quality Performance Reviewes and align your workforce around key strategic objectives. Perfode empowers you to change once a year "report card" event into the very foundation of your high performance workforce. Our Product Suite Includes * Performance Appraisal with multi-rater assessment, language audit., flexible Review Form Designer with many built in ready to use competencies. * Fully-linked, cascading goals that could be set at higest level's of the organization and are linked to the individual employee goals. * Powerful visual analytics for the managers and HR professionals.

PerformanceObjects Inc. (
PerformanceObjects provides comprehensive web enabled employee performance management software that substantially enhances the development and contribution of the organization's most valuable resource - its people. Our software is used to help business leaders track, train, retain and promote employees. (
KnowledgePoint product available on the Internet that uses built-in intelligence to help managers write employee performance reviews.

PiiQ by Cornerstone HR Performance & Learning Management Software (
PiiQ by Cornerstone, formerly Cornerstone Growth Edition, is a cloud-based employee performance and learning management system that helps businesses to streamline their employee performance review process and prioritise learning for employees. Businesses can create goals, track employee performance and align individual goal to business objectives.

Pilat (
Pilat's Continuous Performance Management model promotes the concept of regular check-ins. These allow managers and their people to have short, meaningful conversations that promote an engaging, collaborative and progressive company culture.
Using a pre-determined framework regular check-in's encourage dialogue around performance and development goals, feedback and people's aspirations.

Resources Unlimited DiSC Profiles & Assessments (
Offers DISC personality test, profiles, assessment, certification, training and analysis.

ReviewSNAP Performance Management System (
ReviewSNAP is a Web-based performance management system that allows you to customize and automate your review process. You will have access to both performance appraisals and 360 degree feedback surveys.

Rival Perform (
Rival Perform accommodates multiple strategies across the performance management spectrum. Go beyond traditional approaches to employee performance management with a more agile, flexible solution. Deliver real-time actionable feedback that employees crave. Empower your managers, identify and prepare talent for their next role and deliver a more engaging, continuous performance experience across the employee lifecycle.

Saigun Technologies Performance Management Software (
Saigun Technologies offers integrated software services ranging from IT strategy to designing, implementing and managing complete IT projects. Our objective is to provide our clients with cost effective, flexible & scalable IT solutions which fully meet all their needs.

Select Strategy Inc. (
The Select Strategy Inc. web based performance appraisal and goal management system and process streamlines the performance management process. It helps organizations review employees fairly and consistently. Select Strategy Inc's management consultants are skilled at working with organizations to implement and install a system that is tailored to meet an organization's specific culture, working style and needs.

Small Improvements (
We make performance feedback simple. Small improvements is a new lightweight online software that captures feedback within minutes. No more heavy forms, no complex process, it's all streamlined for people who want to get back to "regular" work fast. It's very affordable, and slick admin screens help you track progress efficiently, saving you money and time.

Software Advice (
Employee Performance Evaluation & Review Software

SuccessionWizard (
An intuitive solution aimed at both corporate users and independent HR consultants for identifying management succession issues.

Success Factor Systems (
SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps your organization ensure strategy and goal alignment, continuously improve workforce performance through ongoing coaching and feedback, and accurately evaluate and recognize top talent.

SumTotal Performance Management Software (
SumTotal provides the industry's most innovative and complete employee performance management platform designed for both global enterprises and mid-sized organizations.

Synergita - Continuous HR Performance Management System (
Synergita brings Performance management closer to your business and closer to your people. With Synergita, you can deepen your talent management processes with active - day to day involvement of employees and line of business managers.
* Synergita encourages social recognition through a continuous feedback page dedicated for each employee, where managers, peers and internal customers can post open feedback and confidential comments.
* Synergita empowers business managers to create employee specific review plans, conduct periodic reviews (weekly / monthly / quarterly) and capture the ratings and comments for future reference and analysis.
* Synergita empowers HR to customize annual appraisal templates, rating methodologies and recommendation / approval processes to align closely with the business functions, levels and roles.

TalentGuard - Talent Management Software (
TalentGuard can support basic employee evaluations and robust programs that include the evaluation of competencies, corporate objectives, role-based skills and development goals. Our performance review software supports a variety of methods to assess the achievement of goals including numeric ratings, descriptive indicators, descriptors, color scales and/or written feedback. TalentGuard's award-winning, cloud-based Performance Management software fosters an efficient business process now and in the future.

Talentopia (
Our mission is to help teams and individuals improve their work. We do this by building intuitive, social tools centered around the four pillars of work performance: Feedback, Recognition, Goals, and Rewards.

TalentQuest Performance Management Software (
We provide integrated talent management software solutions

TrakStar (
TrakStar is a comprehensive online-web-based performance appraisal system that helps managers create quality performance plans and appraisals, automates the appraisal process, and establishes uniform performance standards.

Ultimate Software (
With Ultimate Software's UltiPro, performance management is a continuous, collaborative experience. You can drive a dynamic, social, and engaging performance management process for employees at all levels of the organization, and then connect each person's performance and productivity with overall business strategies.

viaPeople (
viaPeople empowers you to transform your company into a higher performing organization. With our flexible, outsourced and hosted HR software solutions, you can measure and assess the talent of your employees. Find hidden strengths, develop future leaders and build upon your existing talent. "Discover The Talent Within."

viGlobal - Strategic Talent Management (
To easily conduct annual performance evaluations for your people Annual performance evaluations need to reflect a synopsis of feedback on work that was done throughout the year. Professional services firms have unique nuances when it comes to annual performance evaluations that's why our clients come to us when other software cant handle their needs. We support many-to-many relationships in evaluation processes (for example, multiple partners evaluating multiple associates on different work that was done throughout the year).

viSkills (
Skills are at the core of managing your talent and their work. Empower your professionals with skill tracking and development so they can advance at your firm and in their career.

Vision Metrics (
Vision Metrics is a versatile, new technology company enabling customers to deploy easily configurable performance surveys across two discipline categories (Organizational Performance & Development / Marketing Instruments).

WorkCompass Performance Management Software (
HELPING MANAGERS BECOME GREAT MANAGERS Online employee performance reviews and performance management software. An easy and effective solution to manage, develop and engage your team.


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