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Compensation Administration Software

Compensation Administration Software

Corporate Compensation Partners (
Corporate Compensation Partners (, provides specialized compensation management consulting to clients including Fortune 1000 employers, mid-size employers and non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to creating programs and processes to maximize the motivation and productivity of your employees, managers, executives, and board members.

Compensation is all we do. This focused attention enables us to acquire deep knowledge of the compensation field.

We are here to provide you with expert advice and a personalized approach to achieve your compensation goals. We specialize in the analysis, diagnosis, design, and communication required for effective and efficient delivery of compensation programs.

Our tailored services include:

Our goal is to exceed your expectations for client service, innovative solutions, and implementation support.

Auxillium HRnetSource (
Auxillium HRnetSource HRIS helps organizations track compensation (pay, bonus, stock, benefits, etc) and includes many reports such as the Employee Benefits Statement that presents a comprehensive picture of total compensation an employee is receiving.

BalancedComp (
BalancedComp is a consulting firm dedicated to serving credit unions and banks. Our focus is web based salary administration and performance management processes that attract, motivate and retain a talented workforce.

Bauschke & Associates Ltd. (
A computerized Salary Administration System for small businesses.

beqom (
Happiness is the best driver for success. beqom's HR cloud compensation platform drives happiness by allowing business managers to lead, align and motivate their employees. Join global HR leaders and use beqom's HR compensation and employee recognition software to compensate and reward your employees.

Berkshire Associates Inc. (
Berkshire Associates Inc. is a progressive human resources consulting and software development firm, specializing in affirmative action and internal compensation analyses. For over 23 years, Berkshire has been committed to helping companies find cost-effective solutions to everyday human resources challenges. We offer outsourcing and software solutions to meet the needs of any size company. BALANCEaap is Berkshire's latest advancement in affirmative action plan preparation software. The software delivers high performance, empowering companies with the tools needed to prepare an affirmative action plan. BALANCEpay allows companies to identify potential pay equity problems and assists them in making salary adjustments. With BALANCEpay, companies can conduct more advanced statistical analyses.

BullseyeEngagement (
Model and align organizational salary structures within budget guidelines. Configure merit matrices based on performance appraisal scores, range placement and market index. Supports multiple concurrent salary structures

Capterra's Compensation Management Software Directory (
Capterra's Compensation Management software directory is a free, comprehensive resource that lists solutions for managing employee incentive and bonus plans.

COMPackage Total Compensation Statements (
COMPackage Total Compensation Statements allow any sized company to easily, securely and inexpensively generate total salary reports to show employees their total compensation.

compACT - Compensation Management Software (
compACT manages a company's annual Salary Review, Incentives, and Bonus Planning Process. We help you execute and automate your compensation plan, so you can pay employees accurately.

Compass Compensation Management (
Laserbeam Software is focused on delivering the best compensation software available anywhere, at the best prices you will find. Our customers are the best source we have for constant improvement. Our product roadmap always starts with listening to the customer and finding ways to simplify our tools while expanding capabilities. And the security of your data is embedded into every aspect of our process. Read our Security Policy for a detailed review of the steps we take to ensure that your data is secure at all times. We also take a different view on calculating your Return on Investment, which most companies should experience the first time you use our tools.

Compensation Tool (
The CompensationTool was designed with one goal: Make a user-friendly market pricing tool that is affordable, without sacrificing functionality. Developed by Compensation practitioners that were frustrated with the existing market pricing options available, the Compensation Tool is an innovative yet simple solution designed to streamline market pricing jobs, consolidate salary surveys and help with the salary survey submission process.
The Compensation Tool Offers:With a risk-free 30 day trial and a price point typically less than half of other market pricing solutions, the Compensation Tool is a great option for companies that need a tool that is affordable and intuitive.

Compease (
A Salary Administration System consisting of customized consulting, market data and information, software, training, and ongoing support. Compease delivers the time-saving tools you need to manage employee compensation with ease, accountability, and confidence.

CompensationMaster (
CompensationMaster offers a new approach to sales force compensation. Their strategy motivates sales representatives more effectively, and helps attract and retain sales staff.

CompExec - Compensation Planning and Analysis Software (
CompExec provides facilities for Competitive Total Compensation Survey Analysis, Market Based Job Evaluation, Salary Structure Modeling and Management, Position Classification Plan Management and more.

CompKeeper (
CompKeeper makes designing, implementing and maintaining a base pay compensation program easy. CompKeeper will organize, simplify and quantify your base pay program. It puts releveant reports, facts and statistics about your plan on your desktop. It maximzes your investment in your base pay program.

COMPOSE by Decusoft™ (
Automates and streamlines complex Merit, Bonus and LTI planning and administration processes.

Concur Technologies, Inc. (
Concur Human Resources Compensation Planner, a module of Concur Human Resources, helps managers simplify compensation planning and review processes by providing complete information for determining pay changes, eliminating paperwork, and facilitating management of the approval process so that best performers can more easily be rewarded.

Core Commissions (
Sales commission management applications. We target small and mid-size companies that need a powerful but low cost commission management solution. Our platform can be installed by non-technical users in minutes as a stand-alone application or upgraded to an enterprise level network version. Our advanced formula builder can handle the most complex compensation demands right out of the box with little or no customization required.

CWS Software (
Steamline your compensation cycle by utilizing CWS Software's web based salary administration software to centralize and coordinate salary changes throughout an organization.

DBSquared (
Compensation HR software solutions that simply fit

Economic Research Institute (
ERI provides salary & wage survey data, salary software, executive compensation, cost of living, and area & geographic differential analyses for relocation and pay planning.

Economic Research Institute - Executive Compensation (
ERI provides executive compensation data to limit liability and assist management with executive salary planning. Also included is ERI's quick search calculator to review competitors' executive compensation and financial data.

ECA International (
The leading provider of online data, software solutions and advice for more than 1500 international companies, ECA's innovative approach has been providing cost-effective solutions to international HR management since 1971.

gradar - the job evaluation engine (
gradar the job evaluation engine is a web-based, analytical job evaluation system, that covers three career paths: Individual Contribution; People Management; Project Management
It was designed as a non-proprietary, easy to use and understandable grading system for business organisations as well as independent compensation consultants.

Harvest HCM (
Harvest HCM is a SaaS technology focused on compensation management, performance management, succession planning, and total rewards statements. Our solution is implemented in more than 50 countries and a partial list of our clients can be found at

HCR Software (
HCR Software's powerful web-based solution, CompensationXL, automates compensation processes with minimal impact on users by leveraging an organization's existing forms as the basis for configuration. Confirmed by solid customer references, this patent pending approach to compensation management gives HCR flexibility in meeting customer requirements and creativity in serving the HR community.

hkp group (
hkp/// group supports companies in all areas of compensation management. In our work with clients, we use our proprietary grading model hkp/// JET and draw on our acknowledged expertise in benchmarking compensation levels and systems.

Humanic Design (
The Humanic HRMS is a comprehensive business solution-automating core Human Resources functions and quickly putting information into the hands of those who need it most. Integrating essential HR functions like benefits administration with applicant tracking, flex benefits administration, wage and compensation modeling, position control, training administration and employee histories.

jMetrics - Pay Equity, Internal / External Equity and Survey Software (
jMetrics software ensures pay equity at your company; equitable pay is key for employee retention and even employee recruitment.

Laserbeam Software (
Enterprise Compensation Management software providing solutions for incentive compensation at companies of all sizes. Laserbeam Software specializes in Compensation Management, Incentive Management and Performance Management solutions

Milio (
The enterprise compensation platform to manage global compensation, accelerate recruitment and improve employee retention.

PayScale, Inc (
PayScale is the creator of the largest database of individual compensation profiles in the world containing more than 40 million salary profiles. PayScale, Inc. provides an immediate and precise snapshot of current market salaries through its online tools and software.

The People Ticker (
The People Ticker 2.0 provides compensation data and analysis that is simple, on-target and up-to-date. This tool is unmatched in the market today and incorporates the latest conceptual search technologies. The People Ticker utlizes a dynamic interactive database in which users may search current market rate and salary data specific to an individual's industry, experience, geographic region, & skill-set.

Pilat (
Our factor-based job evaluation/grading software solution helps assess jobs through an objective, systematic process of elimination, creating a measurement and description for every job, not for the person assigned to it. Used in government, schools and corporations, Job Evaluation assesses the relative value of jobs through a consistent set of factors, skills and requirements to align compensation strategies. Complete, fair and transparent, Job Evaluation can help to justify pay scales and eliminate gender bias in assignments and compensation.

Semler Brossy (
Semler Brossy offers its clients the benefit of deep expertise on issues of executive compensation, management incentives, performance measurement/goal-setting and Board compensation.

SumTotal Compensation Management Software System (
SumTotal Compensation Management simplifies and standardizes the planning, modeling, budgeting, analysis, and execution of global compensation and reward policies.

The Survey Group (
The Survey Group is a member-based human resources information, survey and consulting firm. Provides comprehensive compensation and benefits survey data to its 600 member firms. TSG's data and other consulting services help companies doing business in New England remain competitive with their employee compensation and benefits packages.


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