Termination and Dismissal

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A place where HR professionals and employers can go to find answers about handling termination and dismissal. A Reading Room provides interesting articles and newsletter pieces on various topics in employment law on the side of the employer and HR professional.

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An association of attorneys, located in Costa Mesa, California, with practice areas including business litigation, employment law, first amendment law, discrimination claims, defamation suits and bankruptcy. (
Combines psychological and legal expertise to help employers eliminate unnecessary employment liability and increase retention and productivity. Offers in-house and online harassment/discrimination prevention, conflict resolution, performance management consulting, and management development.

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Labor and employment lawyers counsel employers on all aspects of employer-employee relations and litigate for management on a national basis for a number of clients in state and federal courts and before a multitude of federal, state and local government agencies.

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Find Wrongful Termination Lawyers and Law Firms by State or Province.

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Du Markowitz LLP Labour and Employment Lawyers in Toronto, Ontario Canada offer a free consultation to employees who have been wrongfully dismissed, fired, terminated, or simply want to know their employee rights.


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