Salary/Compensation Surveys

Survey Vendors

EHResearch Survey of Executive and Administrative Assistants (
EHResearch Data Services (, conducts pay research for corporations and associations, administers custom salary surveys, and advises select consulting firms in various aspects of compensation and benefits data. Since 1991, EHResearch has conducted numerous national and regional compensation surveys targeting the nation's most prestigious employers.

EHResearch Data Services conducts annual compensation surveys in several industries and functional areas. Each year, billion dollar corporations across the United States participate in our premier survey for Executive Assistant compensation. Our surveys include: the Greater Pittsburgh Compensation Survey, the Survey of Executive and Administrative Assistants, the Salary Planning Survey, the Hospital Officer Total Pay Report.

EHResearch Data Services also conducts custom compensation surveys for our clients in targeted industries, regions, and functional specialties. Let us help you measure competitive pay for your market, members, industry or technology.

AAIM Employers' Association (
Benchmarking improves organizational success by comparing current business practices and policies to best practices of similar thriving companies. Survey topics span compensation, benefits, policies, and other HR practices. Gathered data is used to help drive standards development and align organizational goals with proven success factors.

Aon Hewitt's General Industry Compensation Surveys and Products (
With annual surveys and proxy based products spanning over 180 countries, 2,500 positions, and more than 5M incumbents, our global compensation data provides organizations with executive and broad-based data needs for effective human capital planning.

Aon Hewitt's Global Salary Increase Survey (
Aon Hewitt's Global Salary Increase Survey takes a comprehensive look at salary increase and inflation data for more than 14,000 organisations in over 120 countries. It is the ultimate resource for HR professionals, CFOs and CEOs making decisions on reward strategy, overall and merit salary increases, variable pay and other hot topics affecting compensation.

ASE collects and analyzes data from hundreds of employers of all sizes and industries throughout Michigan. These reports provide valuable in-depth insights into compensation, policies and benefits and more, allowing your organization to make informed decisions with relevant data provided by local employers. New members and member participants receive these surveys at no additional cost. ASE members also have access to additional survey features that provide opportunities for greater customization of data reports through online tools or access to the ASE survey department.

Birches Group LLC (
Birches Group LLC conducts total compensation surveys in over 140 emerging market countries. Full surveys and single job pricing options. Contact us for more information.

By Comp For Comp (
Comptool is the most insightful and simplified salary survey management tool designed by seasoned compensation practitioners to make more sense out of your salary surveys.
Advanced Reporting: more than 60 interactive and ready-to-use Tableau reports
Ensure Fair Pay: demographic snapshots and easy-to-use interface
Geographic Differentials: with millions of data points, CompTool provides better geographic analysis
Ensure Competitive Pay: easy to see if youre paying employees at market competitive rates.

Compdata Surveys (
Compdata Surveys collects information from thousands of organizations annually, resulting in the largest database in the country on current pay and benefits information. With data collected on benefits, pay practices and 539 different jobs, you'll receive the kind of comparative compensation information you need to attract and retain the best employees. (
Keep pay practices competitive with reliable compensation data. Up-to-date salary survey data - both nation-wide and state specific figures.

Construction Compensation Surveys (
Over 32 years of wage and salary survey of the construction industry. Consulting primarily in salary administration, job analysis, and range development.

Culpepper Compensation Surveys (
Comprehensive data is provided for base salaries, salary structures, short-term cash incentives, cash allowances, total cash compensation, equity compensation & long-term incentives, total direct compensation, hourly pay rates, shift differentials, and more.

Dietrich Surveys (
A national surveyor of salary data for a wide variety of professions. Since 1973, we have provided the nation's businesses with the salary data necessary to retain valuable employees and compete for talent.

Economic Research Institute (
ERI's Salary Assessor® software reports wages and salaries for over 6,100 positions in 8,000 U.S. and Canadian metro areas. ERISA assists precise evaluations of market pay and is the only source of its kind which reports data compiled from all available salary surveys.

Educate To Career Incorporated (
Educate To Career (ETC) is a leading resource to HR professionals, recruiters & staffing agencies. We provide accurate & critical compensation, salary & recruitment data & programs, all online- enabling for an informed decision-making process.

The Employers Association Compensation Surveys (
The Employers Association (TEA) conducts a local area wage and salary survey in the spring of each year. The survey covers over 300 benchmark jobs and more than 275 area companies. Data breakouts cover regions, industries and company sizes.

iMercer (
This website provides an overview of Mercer's Information Solutions in North America. A great resource for any HR professional; here you'll find surveys and the tools you need to manage your compensation, benefits and expatriate programs.

Job Search Intelligence (
Precise compensation data for Job Seekers and Employers. Over 1,000 occupations represented in 560 geographic regions. We recently expanded our offerings in some very substantial ways:
*HR Salary Calculator*- an industry standard is now even easier. Find your jobs in seconds and receive your data in 2 minutes or less.
*Temp Workers' Salary Calculator*- we now have data for 450 temp occupations.
*Salary Data Set Builder*- this is the real deal. Build your own customized data set in minutes and the file is on your desktop, in Excel, instantly.
*Data Aging Calculator*- provides the user with 5 recent years of salary trend data for almost 1,000 occupations
*Data Regionalization Calculator*- delivers occupational adjustment factors by region, at no cost to the user

KrollConsultants (
Global salary survey for 180+ countries, all industries and sectors, including niche sectors. Difficult and remote locations. Rare salary survey data. Includes: compensation, statutory and non-statutory benefits and perquisites.
Global merit and inflation survey for 180+ countries. Data cuts by city, region, labor market, industry.
Data and information on working conditions, labor laws and regulations, employment requirements, locals and expats, in 180+ countries.

LobbyLights Wage & Benefit Survey (
LobbyLights is the hotel industry's premier web-based salary survey tool focusing on the "whole" compensation package. Our survey enables participants to access detailed industry specific reports that are customizable to meet each company's needs from a one mile to nationwide basis. In addition to our annual rolling subscriptions, LobbyLights designs and conducts numerous custom reports for its clients via unique or special market requests.

McLagan (
McLagan is the trusted Provider of Compensation Data & Consulting to Financial Services Sector

Paylab (
Global salary survey which allows to users to compare salaries on more than 600 job positions. Survey also brings possibility for HR professionals to compare salaries and benefits with their competitors. (
Get accurate, real-time salary reports based on your job title, location, education, skills and experience.

Radford (
Radford is the trusted provider of compensation data and compensation consulting services to technology & life sciences sectors

RemuNet (
RemuNet provides Compensation & Benefits expertise and market intelligence through 'Club' Charter Survey Networks, Advice, Custom Training (RemuNet Academy), and advanced Software Tools and Community Portals.

The Riley Guide - Salary Guides & Guidance (
Salary and Compensation Guides. General Salary and Compensation Information. ( helps consumers maximize their earning power by showing them what they are worth (
SalaryExpert® provides FREE salary reports to students and job hunters. Compensation professionals rely on this salary survey software to set 2017 salary structures.

Salary List from Millions of Real Jobs ( is a comprehensive salary information site that offers millions of real job salary data. It provides a unique view on salary in specific company, location, job title. (
Florida wage and salary data is provided for hundreds of jobs in a variety of easy-to-use breakouts including Industry, Company Size by Employees, and Company Size by Sales/Assets (see Rates for Selected Jobs). The survey also contains comprehensive benefits sections with details for medical premium increases, life insurance and disability plans, medical out-of-pocket costs, 401(k) matching, vacation and sick time, and other important issues facing today's employers.

The Survey Group (
The Survey Group is a member-based human resources information, survey and consulting firm. Provides comprehensive compensation and benefits survey data to its 600 member firms. TSG's data and other consulting services help companies doing business in New England remain competitive with their employee compensation and benefits packages.

Total Compensation Solutions (
Compensation Consulting firm that conducts custom salary surveys and publishes a Not For Profit Salary Survey and Board of Directors Compensation Survey.

Valuation Resources Compensation and Salary Surveys (
A resource guide to compensation and salary data and related benefit information for a wide variety of industries.

WageAccess Compensation Survey (
The WageAccess Compensation Survey is a multi-industry salary and benefits survey that includes over 800 benchmark positions and ensures complete participant confidentiality. Survey results are updated quarterly and can be customized and filtered by position, geographic location, industry and company size. Results include an extensive variety of descriptive statistics, compensation analysis tools and trends.

WageWatch Compensation Surveys (
WageWatch provides valuable compensation, salary, wage rates, pay and benefits survey data online across mutliple industries and markets to human resource professionals, hiring managers and hr directors at the best price.

Western Management Group (
Has conducted top-quality compensation surveys since 1972 covering the USA and Europe. Industries coverered include high-tech, financial services, and education. Specialized surveys include sales, marketing, software, and service.

Whole Root Economic Research, Inc. (
Providing Market Analysis to Individuals for Better Decision Making.

Willis Towers Watson Data Services (
The leading provider of compensation, benefits, and employment practices information to the global employer community.

Surveys By Type of Position

NACEWeb Salary Survey (
From the National Association of Colleges and Employers

Surveys By Type of Pay

Surveys By Industry

Actuaries (
Actuary Salary Surveys

Aviation Career Salary, Wages and Pay (
from Airline Employment Assistance Corps

Aviation Maintenance Technician Salaries (,31.htm)
from glassdoor

Civil Engineering Salaries (ASCE) (
from the American Society of Civil Engineers

Computer Industry Salary Survey (
from Foote Partners

Construction Salaries (
Salary data on over 200 positions in the construction industry

Engineers (
from Dietrich

Faculty of Higher Education (
American Association of University Professors Faculty Salary Survey from the Chronicle of Higher Education

Finance Salaries (
from Economic Research Institute

Health Care Salaries (
powered by

Higher Education Salaries (CUPA-HR) (
CUPA-HR Salary Surveys for Higher Education

Hospitality/Hotel Compensation Surveys (
WageWatch hospitality surveys have the most comprehensive national, regional, state and city hotel/hospitality employee job/position compensation/salary data available that human resource/hr professionals and hiring managers depend on.

Information Technology Salaries (
IT Salary Survey

JobStar Salary Surveys (
Links to over 70 Salary Surveys on the Web.

JobStar Profession Specific Salary Surveys (
Salary information for more than 30 different fields of employment.

Libraries (
The Special Libraries Association Salary Survey & Workplace Study

Manufacturing Salaries (
IndustryWeek's Salary Survey

Occupational Employment and Wages (
Government survey provides data on occupational wages for localities, broad geographic regions, and the nation.

Office Clerical/Secretarial (
from The Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals

Personnel Systems Associates (
Publishes a directory of over 1500 pay and benefits surveys which is indexed by job type, industry, geographic location, special pay and benefits issues. Web site shows sample pages and ordering form for book, "Survey Sources For U.S. and International Pay and Benefits".

Product Management and Marketing Survey (
Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey from Pragmatic Marketing

Psychology Salaries (
from the American Psychological Association (
Provides wage and salary survey software for public sector agencies performing in-house studies, and, provides consulting and set-up services in all aspects of public personnel administration.

Scientists (
Life Science Salary Survey from

Skilled, Design, and Technical Support (
Skilled, Design, and Technical Support Salary Survey reports compensation data for 150 benchmark jobs, accompanied by up to four verifying survey sources. ERI Salary Surveys is the sponsor of this 2013 participant and digitized traditional wage, salary, and incentive survey available as national or statewide average.

State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates (
The OES Wage Survey, administered by US Department of Labor and the 50 states, is the largest wage survey in the United States. the survey produces national and states wage estimates for 600+ occupation groups.

Teacher Salaries (

by Geographic Area

Salary Calculator (
The Salary Calculator converts salary amounts to their corresponding values based on payment frequency. Examples of payment frequencies include biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payments. Results include unadjusted figures and adjusted figures that account for vacation days and holidays per year.

Salary Paycheck Calculator (
How much are your employees' wages after taxes? This powerful tool does all the gross-to-net calculations to estimate take-home pay in all 50 states.