Employee/HR Communications

BambooHR (
Access employee database software built specifically to make tracking HR information such as personal data, PTO, employee training, job responsibilities, benefits, contact information, hiring checklists, documents and much more.

Business Performance (
Businesses tools and guides that will help you make your workplace communication more effective. We invite you to investigate our employee communication resources.

COMPackage Total Compensation Statements (
COMPackage Total Compensation Statements allow any sized company to easily, securely and inexpensively generate total salary reports to show employees their total compensation.

Conduent (
Employee Engagement through Communication and Technology
Learn how delivering the right messages at the right time in the right way can engage your people so you both get the most from your career, health and wealth programs.

Dashe & Thomson Employee Communications (
Dashe & Thomson provides employee consulting and strategic communication plans, focused on delivering the right message at the right time, gaining user adoption and making change last.

Davis & Company - Employee Communication Consulting Firm (
Founded in 1984, Davis & Company develops innovative solutions and programs that improve the success of employee communication for leading companies such as Nestle, PepsiCo and Pfizer. The company also offers web-based workshops, industry reports, how-to books and newsletters for communication professionals on important topics pertaining to employee communication.

DeskAlerts - Internal Communications Tools (
DeskAlerts provides corporate communications solutions for organizations worldwide. Our notification software allows every possible employee notification option, from Desktop pop-up window, to Email notification, to SMS, all at once and in one click.
DeskAlerts Control Panel comes with a simple installation wizard, and can be installed company-wide in just a few minutes
DeskAlerts is extremely intuitive and user-friendly
DeskAlerts combines flexibility and ease-of-use with comprehensive security and tracking for fail-safe communications

Dix & Eaton (
Founded in 1952, Dix & Eaton is the largest employee-owned, full-service communications consulting firm in the United States. We are a collaborative of experienced professionals who believe in communications programs that are integrated, tie to corporate strategy and add to our clients' performance.

Dollar Compensation Statements (
Dollar Compensation Statements help companies create personalized total compensation and benefits statements for $1-2 per personalized statement.
* We provide professional quality customizable statements
* We eliminate lead times - statements are print ready in minutes
* We charge a lot less

eaposters - A Resource for Employee/HR Communication Posters (
Specializing in HR posters, workplace wellness posters, EAP posters and workplace safety posters - including workplace violence prevention, addiction prevention, fitness promotion, disaster mitgation plan and emergency preparedness posters. 5 sizes, multiple languages, all original designs.

eBenefits Websites™ (
  • Web-based employee benefits communication portals
  • Broker outsourcing service provider for brokers offering clients' employee self-service benefit websites
  • HR outsourcing service provider for small / mid /and large businesses

    Employee Benefits Communication (
    Employee Benefits Communication helps companies reach, engage, and motivate employees to achieve business success. We develop innovative internal communication programs for companies in a wide range of industries. With strategic insight, our services solve the most complex employee communication issues, including communicating change, engaging a diverse workforce, and explaining compensation packages. With our hands-on client services, we create strategies and programs for building understanding throughout the organization.

    Employee Communications by HR Communications (
    The need for effective Employee Communications is no longer restricted to simply informing employees about their benefits. HR Vendors, Employee training, Employee recruiting, multi-lingual capabilities, internationalization and Remote Workplace capabilities also demand effective, efficient & collaborative Communications. HR Communications provides a choice of a full-featured SaaS for Knowledge Management & Employee Communications or can provide Traditional, full service solutions. Personalized content delivery is our unique specialty. Employee Videos are the most recent service of HR Communications.

    HR Communication Solutions, Inc. (
    Our integrated approach to marketing and communications ensures your business effectively reaches its employees when it matters most - with the added benefit of eliminating unnecessary time and costs. Whether your company needs help with traditional printed communications, online benefits information, or any other number of employee services, HR Communication Solutions, Inc. can manage your company's HR communications, leaving your HR team with more time to do what they do best.

    ImageSpice (
    ImageSpice is an Atlanta marketing and communication consulting firm. We are specialists in employee benefits communications and our Managing Consultant has attained the CEBS certification and serves as President of the local CEBS chapter. We work with organizations to fine tune the message they want to deliver to their employees and make sure that is the message that gets out.

    Infor HR Service Delivery (
    Infor HR Service Delivery is an advanced, multi-tier service platform that helps your organization get more done with fewer resources, which lowers costs. The transformative technology makes it possible for employees to resolve more than 70% of routine transactions and inquiries without HR intervention, empowering your workforce while freeing your HR team to focus on higher-value projects.

    Institute for Public Relations - Five Principles for Employee Communications (
    Article from the IPR

    Lift - Learning Management Solution (
    Lift is the HR management online solution that empowers employees to learn from each other. Lift is a web and mobile learning application designed to leverage knowledge within a company by allowing employees to organize workshops and share job skills.

    Northwest Employee Relations (
    We prepare annual benefit statements for organizations that want their employees to understand and appreciate the value of company-provided benefits.

    People Driven Performance - Communications System (
    PDP offers an interactive internal communications system with company news, employee directory and real time performance metrics displays.

    Reward Gateway (
    Build a communications hub around whats important to your business. You are in control. Drive engagement with all your existing benefits by making everything accessible to employees from a single platform.

    Segal Consulting (
    At Segal, our national communications professionals partner with our clients to create strategic, targeted, and effective communications programs to help them achieve their goals. Our communicators are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in diverse disciplines including employee benefits, compensation, benefits strategy and implementation, and organizational change communications. They are accustomed to working with all levels of an organization to build employee trust, understanding and loyalty.

    SnapComms - Internal Communications (
    SnapComms is an internal communication software solution, producing results for a wide range of clientele across the globe. Based in Auckland, the company has grown organically to become a global player in the internal communications space and continues to grow everyday with offices in the USA, the UK and Australia and a global re-seller network. The solution provides a range of products to solve internal communication issues, such as a desktop ticker, desktop alerts, quiz and survey functions and a staff newsletter. These can be readily applied to any industry and the software is currently used for hospital communication, compliance communication and internal branding to name a few.

    Strait Logics (
    Strait Logics is the UK's leading provider of Personalised Document Solutions for the Employee Communications Market.

    Thomsons Online Benefits (
    Help with internal employee communications.

    X-Comms Desktop Alert Software (
    X-Comms Direct Solutions empowers you to immediately send out desktop alerts through various flexible messaging channels so your key messages will never be ignored, pushed to the side or deleted. Reach all employees directly with full desktop targeting, scheduling and real time acknowledgement reporting. Whether you are sending out a company update, crisis alert, video message, survey, quiz or newsletter, Desktop Alert Software will execute faster and with more reliability. Employee Alerts can be delivered with precision to any target audience. Send to specific departments, custom groups, multiple locations or individuals regardless of network or device. Desktop Alerts persistence, frequency and expiration can be fully specified by administrators with real time reporting to measure open rates, readership and acknowledgements.

    XL Communications (
    At XL, we understand the critical role Human Resource communications plays in maximizing your investment in people. That's why we've aligned all of our services and expertise to meet and exceed your communications needs throughout every stage of the "Employment Lifecycle".